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Thank You, Lord, for Laughter!

Published September 16, 2015 by birdieklh
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Oh my goodness! I can not remember when I have laughed so hard! What a joy that God created laughter to lighten a bleak situation, to help break away ugliness, to pierce through dark moments!

LOL, my sides hurt!!!

I tell you what . . . this morning during our devotional time, in the Word, prayer, etc. one of our readings was about Joseph and his brothers – after their father had died, they went to Joseph trying to be sure that he wouldn’t punish them and turn on them they concocted a story that their father had (supposedly) asked them to share with Joseph . . . really?! Like he wouldn’t have approached Joseph himself before about it?

Anyway, my precious hubby confessed to me that whenever he has thought about Joseph’s brothers over the years he always saw in his mind “The Keystone Cops” . . . well, dear ones, I lost it!

I laughed, and LAUGHED AND LAUGHED some more . . .

Quite a few minutes had passed with me holding my sides, tears in my eyes, and my laughter continuing that my hubby said, “are you done”, to which I shook my head and replied with a voice broken up by more laughter, “no!”

Anyway, I had to blog about it because it really made me think . . .

How we must LOOK to God! The silliness of our actions, of our words when we try to ‘fix’ things instead of simply confessing our wrong and trusting in Him to work things out!

Something we all need to think about today, my friends! Blessings!

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Remembering? How Can We Forget?!

Published September 11, 2015 by birdieklh

Today is a day of great reflection.

It should be. 911

Today is a day when we all remember where we were and what we were doing on 9/11/01.

We should.

Today is a day when we contemplate the state of our United States, where we are headed as a Nation and our safety.

We should.

                     . . . BUT . . .

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We should do this not just once a year on the anniversary of this tragedy, but every day!

We need the times of reflection to refocus our prayers over our nation, over our leaders, over decisions that are made and in the process of being made. We may not be politicians, but we DO have power – that power is PRAYER!

As we get down on our faces before the Lord, interceding for the things of this nation, praying for those in authority, asking God to grab hold of their hearts, turn them towards Himself and for His wisdom to be revealed through Godly advisers. Our prayers DO make a difference, my friends!

We can be praying for the families and businesses that were affected by the attack on our nation. Children have been growing up without one of their parents, perhaps both. Many have had to go on without their spouse, their child, their grandparent. People have had to change their way of life, the places where they work, perhaps so impacted that they could not even begin to think of ever working again in a high rise . . . many have moved into rural areas where they can ‘try’ to feel safe once more.

Our prayers DO make a difference!

So, go ahead, reflect upon this day and all that it represents . . . grieve along with our nation, but take it farther and bring it before the Lord – allow Him to heal whatever hurt is still in your heart – allow Him to strengthen and renew your thinking – allow Him to be your shelter, your safety – trust in Him – rest in Him!

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Living a Sappy Life

Published September 4, 2015 by birdieklh

One of my favorite reminders from the Lord is His story of the Vine (Himself) and the branches (us). It always gets me to pondering if I’m really staying firmly connected.

When in the process of digesting this word picture yesterday I said to my husband . . . “Honey, I want to live a ‘sappy’ life! I want to be not only connected, but dripping with the good stuff flowing out of me to others.” To which he said, “sounds like a blog”…so here it is:

When we really think about how a branch functions as it is connected to the tree (or vine), we know that it is gathering its nutrients from the tree itself – the tree is getting its nutrients from the roots that go down DEEP into the earth. It receives water and minerals, and from the air it gets the oxygen it needs as well. From the richness it receives, the fruit (some trees produce ‘sap’ which can become maple syrup, and that is what I am thinking about right now) which becomes so heavy that it oozes out of the bark. People, animals, birds, bees, etc. can come and partake of its goodness. These branches need not ‘do’ anything – except – stay connected!

If a branch breaks off it falls to the ground and it dies. It can not jump up and say, “oh no – put me back” . . . it just withers away and becomes dry bark good only for fire.

If we happen to stumble in our Christian walk, our fruit dries up and dies – our sap disappears, but we can cry out in repentance to our Creator and He, in His great mercy, can graft us back in. I for one do not want that cry to have to come out of my mouth! I want to be so firmly connected, so deeply en-grafted, that  He literally oozes out of my being. When people are around me they KNOW that they have been in the presence of one who has been in the presence of the Lord. I want to live a “sappy” life – one that drips out His Love, His Grace, His Mercy, His Compassion, His Healing, His Encouragement, etc. to all I encounter.

How about you? Do you want to be dry and brittle or full of rich sap that can sweeten the pallet of others? Have you ever tasted fresh maple syrup from a maple tree? YummmmmmYummmm!  It is amazing! I used to work up in Lake Geneva Wisconsin and they had a festival every year where people would go and tap the trees and make the best maple syrup ever! The sweetness is something that I can still taste even though many years have passed.

I want to have THAT kind of impact on the lives of others – be so firmly connected to Christ Jesus that His glory emanates from me every day!

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Against The Flow

Published September 2, 2015 by birdieklh
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Had a GREAT conversation with a very dear friend this morning . . . we discussed a lot of things, but the main emphasis of our discussion was what could be triggering in me certain actions/reactions. And, along with that . . . trying to figure out ‘why’ people didn’t see me like I really am.

Mercy! If someone figures that one out, let me know!

Anyway, it got me to thinking . . . for my whole life (or so it seems) there have been wrong impressions of who I am and how I am. I can say one thing, and it be heard as something completely different. Or, I can do something because I feel prompted by Holy Spirit to do it, and yet people can assume I want something for it or from it! There have been years of ‘trying to prove’ myself to others . . . I truly believe I had overcome all of that ‘junk’, but I am praying for more revelation in light of today’s discussion.

It is as if I must live my life with some kind of a shield around me that does not allow people to really see me, or the ‘real’ me. Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like there are times when you are going completely against the flow of others around you – I mean – you ARE going in the same direction, in the same circles, attending the same functions, etc., but something just isn’t quite in sync with them?

All I truly know is that I am a much loved child of the Living King. I am His beloved, and I am precious to Him. I know that He loves me more than I could ever begin to imagine, and that He is pleased with the woman I have become (and am becoming – I am constantly growing and learning to be more like Him). So why in the world should it matter if others don’t see me as He does? Well, it shouldn’t!!! But . . . if we are all honest with ourselves, it does. Somewhere deep inside, we feel the need to be ‘accepted’, ‘acknowledged’, ‘encouraged’ . . . whatever words you wish to put on it . . .  we live in a world with other people in it and we would like people to ‘see’ us for who we are.

In the mean time, even if others don’t (or won’t) ‘see’ me like God does, I will continue to keep on seeking to become more and more like Him each and every day of my life. I will continue to do the things He asks me to do. I will continue to go to the places He directs me to go. And, I will continue to BE the person He asks me to be – my completeness is IN Him, and Him alone.

I will keep moving forward, becoming spiritually stronger with each passing day. I will continue my heart’s cry to be a vessel He can use for His glory and for the furthering of His Kingdom. NO MATTER WHAT happens, what comes at me, or against me. No matter what others may say or do or even think! I want my life to matter to Him and for Him.

Abba Father, continue Your work in me and through me. Take this person that I am and keep molding and shaping me into all that You desire me to be. Use me, Lord, to reach out and make a difference in the lives of others. Help me, Abba, not to even look towards others for affirmation, but only to You, because the bottom line is that it is You and You alone that matters! I want to be strong in You, Lord, I want to have an impact in this life – pointing others to a victorious walk with You – open my spiritual eyes to see the things that still need to change within me to accomplish all that You desire to accomplish in me and through me. In Jesus Mighty Name, amen.

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