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Shortened Days

Published October 27, 2014 by birdieklh

It is that time of year again . . . where DOES the time go?!

Honestly, I feel like the older I get the faster time FLIES by . . . and, most people I’ve shared that with tend to agree. Oh, for carefree days when we were still kids ‘feeling’ like time would never get us to our teens . . . then complaining all through high school about how long it got for us to turn 18, then 21 . . . I think you understand.

There hardly seems to be enough hours in the day to adequately accomplish all the things you have on your list, whether a mental list or a physical list . . . the list seems to grow and take on its own personality, pushing us harder, while the days continue to get shorter and shorter and shorter.

This weekend, we get to turn our clocks back one hour – YEAH! – we get to sleep an extra hour – YEAH! . . . but, the results are shorter daylight hours . . . ergo . . . time continues to fly by!

Okay . . . so we have to gather our wits about us and plan ahead to be able to continue to strive towards reaching our goals. Not just in the natural – but in the spiritual as well.

You see, satan KNOWS his time is also fleeting . . . you can tell by the panic he is trying to put on people all over the world . . . wars, rumors of war, all the while cries for “peace, peace” are heard . . . natural disasters escalating beyond our wildest imaginations, food and water shortages, economic issues – I could go on and on, but we all hear the news, so it is not necessary.

One thing we must KNOW AND UNDERSTAND . . . satan has NO authority whatsoever! He IS defeated – a long time ago, Christ defeated him and regained ALL authority. So, since Jesus Christ has ALL that leaves satan with NOTHING but ‘hot air’. It is people who by reacting to what he throws our way, by speaking words of anguish, fear and/or defeat that give the appearance of his having power! We need to WAKE UP!

The second thing we must KNOW AND UNDERSTAND . . . is this . . . Jesus has given us – you and me, all believers – His authority. What authority is that? ALL . . . we are His ambassadors, His disciples, His apostles . . . we represent Him. He fought the fight, He won the war, He now has commissioned US to enforce His FINISHED work!

Yes, time is absolutely flying by . . . and there is not a whole lot of it left, in the natural. Things are tough, yes, but we ARE victorious. We CAN accomplish ALL that He has asked us to do . . . Instead of allowing panic, worry, concern, doubt, fear, apprehension, etc. to rise up and overtake us . . . we must make the decision to stand strong in our faith – go forward through His strength and overcome through His power!

I’m learning to welcome the shortened days . . . it brings me greater anticipation of our eternity . . . I declare, by faith, I WILL complete the race in VICTORY – the devil simply has to get out of my way and back under my feet where he belongs! I serve the Almighty Elohim, Maker of heaven and earth – my Lord and Master is Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah, Captain of Hosts, THE Victorious King. I feel privileged to live in this time . . . working for Him, allowing Him to work through me by Holy Spirit and awaiting His soon return!

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Crashing Waves

Published October 17, 2014 by birdieklh

There are waves . . . and then, there are WAVES . . .





Gentle waves lapping at the beach . . . those you can wiggle your toes in . . .

Harsh waves that come quickly – overbearing – poised for vicious attack – ready to wipe out everything in their path . . .

Born and raised in Southern California, I spent a LOT of time at the coast. I loved to be near the ocean, listening to the peaceful, gentled sound of the water rushing up onto the sand then rushing back into the sea. I loved to walk along the shoreline, letting my feet splash in the coolness, being refreshed with every step. And, I love to EXPERIENCE the waves with my whole body . . . nothing like the thrill of body surfing, but I’ve shared that before . . .  : )

Then, for some reason, my mind switched over to thinking about how waves can also bring about much destruction! Tsunami waves can literally destroy vast areas in a very short amount of time, property, land, PEOPLE – relentlessly it raises up, lunges for land and BAM it hits hard . . . when it ‘rushes back into the sea’ it is not just the water that goes . . . the things it touched in its rages is washed back out with it. Somethings/people, never ever to be seen again.

WOW – yet God sees – He knows exactly where each and every person is at all times.

I then reflect upon the results in the aftermath – people draw together, working side by side to rebuild. Their resolve stronger, friendships deeper, gratitude for life blossoms. The land replenishes itself, it is God’s great Creative Design.

That brought another memory to me. Fire burned land . . . up in the mid-west farmers would quite often set their ‘stubble’ from the previous years crops ablaze. These fires would not only clear away the dead unusable plants, but enrich the soil for the new crops about to be planted.

So, you are probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with anything?! Well . . . sometimes we have to go THROUGH some pretty tough situations. Situations that can appear to our human eye as complete destruction. However, God allows us to go through these things so that He can bring replenishment to our lives.

I know for me personally, that on the other side of those crashing waves of devastation that have seemingly taken away everything, I have found an incredible strength, newness, expectation of the GOOD that God has in store for me. He has been so very faithful! Every time there has been a ‘taking away’, an attack by the ravages of life, the overwhelming tsunami waves, or the unbearable heat of wildfires burning things (metaphorically speaking) away from the soil of my soul . . . He has planted, cultivated, refreshed, and brought forth amazing crops. Oh, at the time these things were in process (although I do hate to admit it publicly) I was not very – shall we say – appreciative. Not at all like the lovely little waves gently rolling over my feet that I would have/could have welcomed – no – the harsh crash of the tsunami of life! But . . . looking back, reflecting on all that the Lord has brought out of the process . . . now, THAT is welcoming to my spirit.

When you can step back and view the things that nearly destroyed you (your faith, your family, your marriage, your life) and can ‘see’ God’s loving hand guiding you, protecting YOU – when you can recognize the lush new green growth taking place, promising a huge bountiful crop beyond what you could have ever imagined – that is when we can be truly thankful for even the crashing waves (of all sizes) and the fires that burn away the dead/discarded/unusable things that would hinder the plans our Abba Father has for us.

Oh, Abba, forgive me for fighting against the waves that have come crashing down upon this life of mine. I know that You are ALWAYS there, and that You HAVE a plan and a purpose for my life. Forgive my ‘murmuring’ and ‘complaining’ ! Help me to accept, with JOY all that You allow into my life because I know that ALL things work out for good to those who love You and are called according to Your plan . . . and, that’s me! Thank You for the strength (and the peace) to get through every single situation – fully knowing I will be a stronger more faith-filled warrior in Your Kingdom on the other side. I love You, Lord! Amen

© klh 4Given Ministries

Being Real . . .

Published October 13, 2014 by birdieklh
S C R E A M ! from from

S C R E A M !

S C R E A M !

Okay, now that THAT is off my chest . . . S I G H . . . let me try and get myself to a place where I can articulate clearly . . . 

My frustration level is through the roof . . . you’ve heard of “murphy’s law?” well, I have never put much stock in that saying, but that other saying “if the shoe fits . . . ” put the two together and perhaps it might touch a wee bit on how my insides are churning –

S C R E A M !

Thought I’d feel better after screaming, but nope . . . This certainly is NOT a very uplifting, encouraging, devotional – pointing others to Christ – type of message that you are used to hearing from me . . . sorry about that . . . but if I’m not ‘real’ than what am I? Plain and simple – a liar – because today, I guess I somehow let that ole enemy of my soul creep in and attack my peace! How and when I do not know, but the results are staring me in the face (well, would if I looked in the mirror, I’m sure); I can hear the frustration in my voice. In fact, I’ve apologized to several people over the past two and a half hours of phone conversations as I’ve found myself ‘snapping’ – not really like me, but it is (was) what it is (was). Let’s call a spade a spade kind of thing.

Now . . . I have a choice to make . . . I need to ‘practice what I preach’, don’t I?!

Am I going to continue in this funk of frustration, or am I going to put my praise (to God) on and set my mind into a mode of worship instead?! Hmmmm . . . I think that is a definite ‘no brainer’ . . .

worshipI CHOOSE to worship the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Lion of Judah, Abba Father, Prince of Peace, Lover of my soul, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Ancient of Days . . . He IS my everything, how dare I not praise Him even when ‘things’ don’t go smoothly?! Shame on me!!!!

You know what? If we didn’t have rough moments . . .

If everything ALWAYS went perfectly . . .

If every moment of every day were blessed with ‘happy’ overwhelming us (laughter). . .

If every single circumstance were completely in our own control, going as we thought it should . . .

If every word spoken to us was loving, gentle, pleasing, etc . . . .

. . . the rest of those questions would be – how would we KNOW we needed Someone greater than ourselves to help us make it through this life?!

So, perhaps my mind-set needs to be that of what James speaks of in his letter: “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” James 1:2-4

But . . . we argue with ourselves . . . that is not easy to do. No, it is not – but – he goes on to tell us that if we lack wisdom (as to how to do this, or what to do next, or with any given situation) we simply need to ‘ask God’, because He “gives to all men generously and without reproach” IF we “ask in faith without any doubting”. James 1:5-6 paraphrased

So, what does all of this mean? Well . . . to put it simply . . . whatever it is that is frustrating my day, I need to give it to God, worship Him for Who He IS and get my mind, heart and soul on Him instead of “it” (people, words, circumstance, whatever ‘it’ is) and allow God to be – as the song says – “You’ve been King of my glory, won’t You be my Prince of Peace” (this link will take you to YouTube video by Big Daddy Weave, “Hold me Jesus” written by Rich Mullins).

Am I being real by sharing my frustrations? Am I being real by turning them around and choosing to worship and trust God with them instead? Am I allowing God to speak through my life – the good AND the bad – to help others in their own lives?

I pray the answer to all three questions is YES. I desire my life to reflect James comment in verse 22, “But prove yourselves doers of the Word, not merely hearers who delude themselves.”

©klh 4Given Ministries



Broken Down Vehicle?

Published October 10, 2014 by birdieklh

broken-down-car For most of us a broken down vehicle would be disastrous.

Too quickly we jump in our vehicle and drive to a store, a friend’s house, a child’s game, church, or even just to “get out of the house for a while”. If we only have one vehicle, we’re stuck . . . literally. Well, unless you are well enough off to call a tow truck, pay for parts and repairs . . . but I am quite sure most of us would be scratching our heads, pulling out our hair, dreading taking the public transportation, and mumbling, grumbling and complaining.

This morning hubby and I were helping some neighbors trying to figure out their own car woes . . . oil, water (both needed and supplied), funnel to apply said needs . . . let them know about a very reasonable mechanic . . . all good . . . except . . .  for . . . the air filter hose which not only became disconnected but completely shredded at the main connect place . . . sure don’t want to be in their shoes.


Anyway, I’m rambling . . . but, then again, I am good at it LOL 😮

The whole situation got me to thinking about our lives . . . we are vessels (vehicles) created by God for God . . . are we maintaining ourselves, spiritually speaking?

Are we keeping the fresh water (coolant) of the Word flowing into our hearts and minds?

Are we allowing Holy Spirit to do maintenance tune-ups on all the nasty stuff we may still have under our hoods?

Do we keep fresh oil at all times through worship and praise? Remember, it is when we are in the presence of our King in worship that His anointing flows freely into our beings. If we keep on trying to go forward on old rotten, dark (spoiled, if you will), gritty oil from a conference we went to a while back, we can truly blow our engine . . . just like on a vehicle that tries to drive ‘dry’ or with old dirty oil, we can ‘blow the head gasket’ . . . are you getting the picture?

We think, mostly, to take care of our bodies; our vehicles; our children; the tasks at our place of employment; our homes, but spiritually speaking we often neglect the upkeep drastically! We need to repent and change that . . . our spirit life IS our life! We are spirit, have a soul and live in a body. Why are we neglecting the most important part of who we are?!

Just something to think about today.

© klh 4Given Ministries

Not Forgotten . . .

Published October 6, 2014 by birdieklh

IMG_0851 I’m wondering how many of us have had that overwhelming feeling that we’ve been forgotten. Probably most every one of us, if we’re honest.

Whether it was an acquaintance from time gone by, or a co-worker from not too long ago that you somehow lost touch with; perhaps a relative that you’ve not seen in many years back; maybe even a child who had moved away and for some reason the communication lines seem to have vanished. Whatever the situation is . . . the pain from that can run quite deep. It can grab our heartstrings and tug so hard we feel like we are going to burst wide open – our lungs even feel like they can hardly grasp a breath. Yes, ‘feelings’ are . . . but they are not what we are to live by. We have free will. We can choose to wallow in those feelings, allowing them to drag us down into the mire of despair or we can choose to focus on what we DO have –


A LOVING SAVIOR Who is, even now, waiting to burst right through the storm clouds of our ‘feelings’ and shine the Light of His Love and acceptance into our hearts.


He will NEVER, EVER, EVER  leave us or forsake us . . . never forget us . . . always love us . . . is always there to hear our cry, share in our laughter, embrace us through the lonely and rough spots. We are His ‘beloved’ – He is our Bridegroom. He loves us with an everlasting love that casts out all fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, loneliness, sorrow, __________ (fill in the blank).

Truth is . . . people WILL let you down.

Truth is . . . God won’t – He can’t, it’s against Who He IS!!!

Truth is . . . even in a crowd, we can feel lost, lonely and/or forgotten . . . if we’re looking toward the ‘crowd’ to satisfy our need(s)

Truth is . . . ONLY God can truly fill each and every need we have.

Truth is . . . He is there, waiting for you . . . why do you delay in reaching out to Him?

© KLH 4Given Ministries


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