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He IS Our Strength

Published August 22, 2015 by birdieklh
This antique picture hangs in my living room - over 20 years ago I also wrote a song based on my feelings over having this wonderful picture in my home - "Clinging to the Cross"

This antique picture hangs in my living room – over 20 years ago I also wrote a song based on my feelings over having this wonderful picture in my home – “Clinging to the Cross”

When the tempest rages against us

and we’re tossing to and fro

we must always remember

that to the Savior we can go

He is ever near us

to comfort and to guide

and all our deepest sorrows

from Him we need not hide

His love is never ending

His grace will never run out

In Him we have everything

Of this there is NO doubt!

No matter what your need may be

Protection from fear, He is near

Provision of food, He gives, He is good

For health, for sadness, and every pain

He is our ALL – He is our gain

Our gain of life and all it brings

Peace, joy, love, a heart that sings

No matter what may come our way

He is always our Hope and Stay

No need to doubt, worry, fear

No need to cry out, our hearts He will hear

When there are no words for us to speak

He IS our strength when we are weak



4Given Ministries

When The Enemy Almost Wins…

Published August 21, 2015 by birdieklh

archangel MichaelWe HAVE all of Heaven on our side!

We need only reach out to God from our heart, crying out for His intervention, His mercy, His grace . . . and He IS Faithful!!!

Something awful hit way too close to home – a matter of life and death – but thanks to His FAITHFULNESS (and the prayers of many around the world) – life . . . WON! Thank You, Jesus!

Dear ones, it is too easy to throw up our hands and scream “No more!” or “I quit!” or “I can’t go on another minute!” Our Loving Lord is as near as the whisper of His Name (closer, actually, as He knows our thoughts before we speak) – when things seem to close in around us, reach out – get the prayers going – it truly IS the answer!

I am rejoicing in my Lord’s Goodness in my life today – won’t you join me? Glory to His Awesome, Powerful Name!!!

Thank You, Lord for surrounding my family with Your mighty warring angels of protection!!! I give You ALL praise, my Lord, thank You, thank YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

©klh 4Given Ministries

Before Our King

Published August 16, 2015 by birdieklh
image from

image from

How can we NOT simply drop to our knees in adoration of the Glory of our Lord and King?

When He meets with us, His Sweet Holy Spirit wraps Himself lovingly around our being, we can do nothing but melt in His presence!

At a conference this weekend that is exactly where I was . . . on my knees . . . on my face . . . tears of deepest gratitude flowing from my eyes, soaking the floor before me. My hearts cry was, “Just You and me, Lord, just You and me. I am overwhelmed by Your presence. Thank You, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”

There are times (like these) when I do not ever want to open my eyes, stand back on my feet and march back into ‘life’. I know there is much work to be done in His Kingdom, and of that I am grateful to be a part, but to have to leave those times of deepest intimacy (my heavenly reality) back to worldly reality of ‘things to do’, ‘people to see’, ‘places to go’, ohhhh, my heart cries, “No, Abba, more time with You!!!” But, that is quite selfish! How can people hear if I do not speak? How can people know if I do not show them? God gives us those intimate times to help us “Find our Voice” (the name of the conference I was at, sponsored by Deep Grace Ministries) and then go forth boldly, lovingly proclaiming that which He has asked us to do!

So, I must make the choice to step out of my own desires, my own selfishness (of wanting to dwell in that solitude of just ‘Him and me’) and go on about the tasks set before me. It is all about Him – His Kingdom – His Glory, and He desires all to come to know Him.

As the song says, “Lord, here I am, down on my knees again, surrendering all, surrendering all, and find me here as You draw me near, I’m desperate for You, I surrender.” This, too, is my hearts cry. Along with that I say – HERE AM I, LORD, SEND ME! 

Open Waters . . . Where Are You Headed?

Published August 9, 2015 by birdieklh
image from

image from

If you have ever been out on the ocean (or even a huge lake, for that matter) on a boat, away from any shore line, and look out around you – what do you see?

W A T E R … W A T E R …

and . . . more W A T E R !

This can be quite a frightening experience, especially if it is your first time out, or you don’t feel very secure with your swimming abilities. I have always been an excellent swimmer, and life-guarded for many years, but honestly, my first experience with being surround with nothing at all but water, sky and clouds, it was a wee bit overwhelming even for me.

On the other hand, when you KNOW that you have an experienced captain, one who has been through these waters many times, you can rest in the stillness with full confidence that you WILL reach the shore once more.

As we travel through our life’s journey, step by step, there are times (spiritually) when we feel like we are floating out in deep waters, completely out of our element, wondering if we will ever reach the shoreline of ‘life as usual/normal’ again. We may feel like we are overwhelmed, lost, might drown in the vast emptiness that surrounds us . . . but . . . IF we KNOW our Captain – Jesus – and trust in Him completely, we have nothing whatsoever to be unsure or uncertain of!

There are times when storms will arise, tossing our vessels to and fro, but we KNOW WHO holds the helm of our ship (our lives) and we can rest assured that there is NO thing that can shipwreck us! What an amazing journey we are on! What a glorious view we can enjoy as long as we stay focused on our Captain!

©klh 4-Given Ministries

What Drives Your Passion?

Published August 6, 2015 by birdieklh

. . . The  Word? . . . .  or   . . . the  world?earth_from_spaceopenbible

In my time of devotions prayer and Bible Study this morning,  I came across a sentence about the World and The Word, and it really got me to thinking just how very important it is for us to make the decision to have our motivations come from the right source.

Every day we are bombarded by the things of this world. We have discussed these before, but let us look at it again.

  • Television
  • Media (Tweets, FaceBook, Google, News Reports, Blogs, and the like)
  • Magazines
  • Radio Broadcasts
  • Our places of employment
  • Our schools
  • Our grocery stores

Virtually everywhere we go we are faced with the ‘noise’ of the world. Its ideas, its directions, its ideals, its propaganda, its ‘twist’ on life. One could go on and on, but you are all intelligent folk, and I know you understand what I mean.

With all of that said, it is VERY easy for us to quietly slip into the mode of our fellow citizens on this planet and carry out our day to day routines almost in ‘rote’ mode. We become mechanical in our steps. We become automatic in our responses based upon what happens around us – we see, we hear, we do according to behaviors that the world seems to be shaping us into doing.


I don’t know about you but I observe that the things in this world we live in is no longer something in which I desire to even contemplate allowing myself fall into. To become robotic in my responses. I am NOT a puppet on a string. People can NOT tell me what I can and can not say. This is still a free country and if I feel that someone is heading down the wrong road, I have an obligation to speak up and speak out. I do not want to find myself on Judgement day standing before my Lord and King and have to say “I was afraid.”, “I didn’t want people to stop liking me.”, “I didn’t want to lose my job.”, I didn’t want to get an ‘F’ on an assignment.” – there are many MANY different scenarios – fact is, as a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, I base my life upon Godly principles. Upon The Word of God (the written and the LIVING [Jesus IS The Word made flesh – see John chapter 1]; therefore, I can not stand idly by and give in to behaviors that blend in with the worlds IF they are contrary to The Word. I, me, myself, must make the decision to stay true to Godly principles regardless of the consequences.

There is no fear in this – God has everything covered. As we are true and faithful to Him, He is ALWAYS True and Faithful to us – (capitalized because they are Names attributed to Christ). God IS Love and God NEVER FAILS! Love never fails . . . never quits . . . never gives up . . . always looks for the best . . . is always ready to be there for us. If God be for us, who can be against us?

As long as our words are seasoned by His grace, tempered through His love . . . we can stand firm until the end. We may lose some friends. We may take a failing grade for refusing to do a paper / research / presentation on something that is not in line with God’s way of doing things. We may lose a job, or even our family. But, dear ones, I don’t know about you, but I would rather have my Lord for all eternity then have people or things or position here for a short time and then be separated from Him later. I desire to be such a valiant woman of God that He allows me to be on the front lines with Him throughout all eternity. In His presence, worshiping Him, serving Him, loving Him. Will losses hurt if/when they come – yes – we do still live in the flesh and have hearts that can be wounded, but weigh the END RESULTS – in light of eternity? Hmmmmm….to me it is a ‘no brainer’.

There is a song that says “Give me Jesus, give me Jesus, you can have this whole world, but give me Jesus.” I could not have said it better!

© klh 4-Given Ministries

Waiting or Waiting?

Published August 1, 2015 by birdieklh

Are you waiting for?


are you

waiting on?

image from




We wait all the time.

We wait in lines in the stores.

We wait in traffic for lights to change or some obstruction to be cleared.

We wait in doctor’s offices.

We have to wait our turn here and there and everywhere.

Even God asks us to “wait”. We are to wait on Him. Wait in prayer. Wait in faith, expectantly. We are to wait and not faint.

But . . . there are two kinds of ‘waiting’. The kind of waiting where we are simply biding our time for something to change, someone to come, or our turn to ____________________ fill in the blank. Then there is the kind of waiting that is fully active – waiting on someone else, helping to fulfill a need, like those who ‘wait’ tables.

I fully believe that the later is the true sense of the word ‘wait’ that the Lord is speaking to us. It is an active waiting.

Being fervent in our prayers.

Being active in our churches.

Being active in our communities.

Speaking forth His Word, His Truth, His principles, taking a stand for righteousness.

Sharing our testimonies boldly in order to help bring encouragement and hope and restoration to others.

Sharing His Love with those around us, those He strategically places along our path.

“…and when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8b

Abba Father, I want to be one of those who are truly waiting on You. Serving You, actively involved where You send me and how You instruct me as I am awaiting Your return, fervent in my prayers, strong in Your Love. I desire that You find me faithful in my waiting upon You. Show me what You would have me do, Lord, I am Your willing handmaiden, ready to do Your Will as I wait on you and for you, in Jesus Name, amen.

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