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A Walk in the Park

Published May 30, 2014 by birdieklh

Yesterday I began walking. True, I was in a hospital when I did, but it was a new beginning for me. I walked several times, around the floor, going completely around all the ‘stations’ and back again. Not much to look at, but the strength I found was amazing.

Today, thinking I would be going home early, my husband joined me. We found out I had to wait a bit longer due to some issues with my potassium levels not being right. Anyway, he joined me on my walk. We paused at the lovely wild life photos that were hanging round the floor, as well as gazed out several windows trying to calculate where exactly we were looking – LOL, you think we could figure that one out easily!

Now, praise God, I am home, and looking forward in the coming weeks to actually take our walks out to the park – the beginning of a new and healthy lifestyle.

However, did you know that every day, figuratively speaking, can be a ‘walk in the park’ no matter where you are? No matter what you are facing?

It is true.

If we look at our lives from a spiritual perspective, live our lives on a spiritual plane as much as possible – the Lord walks with us, never ever leaves us, is our ever present help in times of need. He takes our burdens, our yoke upon Himself, and gives us His . . . peace, life, joy, provision, protection. How can it not be an easy walk, a pleasant stroll in the ever fragrant garden of His love?!

One of my MorMor’s (Grandmother) favorite Hymns, and therefore one of my own is “In The Garden” it goes like this:

I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear falling on my ear
The Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own;
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.

He speaks, and the sound of His voice,
Is so sweet the birds hush their singing,
And the melody that He gave to me
Within my heart is ringing.


I’d stay in the garden with Him
Though the night around me be falling,
But He bids me go; through the voice of woe
His voice to me is calling.


Words: Charles Austin Miles (1912) – source

I love His peace! I love His presence! I love EVERYTHING about my Lord!

(c) klh 4Given Ministries

Out of pocket for several days.

Published May 27, 2014 by birdieklh

4gmtmcrosslogoHello all, I am going to be “out of pocket” for a few days . . . Lord willing, the blogs will begin again on Friday or Saturday. I will really miss being here – but there are many others out there ministering His Truth in love . . . visit some of the people I follow . . . I know you will be blessed.

Until I return – I pray the Lord’s richest blessings upon your lives. May His joy overflow your spirit and His hope flood your heart as He keeps you in His perfect peace.

Karin aka FOGwalkerBirdie

(c) klh 4Given Ministries

~ Memorial Day ~

Published May 26, 2014 by birdieklh

flagbootsFor centuries brave men and women have served their country with a passion that those of us who have not been touched by it cannot even begin to comprehend.

Some returned home to their families, some did not – they paid the ultimate price – their lives, leaving in their wake only memories, the flag draped around their casket and perhaps a few other mementos.

This day has been set aside to honor them – for that passion, for their bravery, for their sacrifice.

Although our nation (which I still love and am proud to be a part of) has fallen greatly – not anywhere near what it was meant to be nor anywhere near the potentially great nation it could be, we still (and I pray this WILL continue) are a nation who is free to come and go as we please.

Free to choose our places of education.

Free to choose the places we shop.

Free to choose where and how we live.

Free to choose which church to worship at.

And, still free to own Bibles and to pray (although these places have been limited some, we still are not killed for our beliefs as in other countries).

I will never give up on America. I will forever be grateful for the men and women who have served our country, and I will forever pray for the families of those who have sacrificed their sons or daughters in the service of this country of ours.

God bless them.     God bless their families.    God bless America!


I must add this – many, many of those who did return home to their families and friends have scars so deeply embedded that we will never know just how wounded, physically, emotionally and spiritually they have been. Let us never ever forget to cover them in prayer. The healing process is a very long and hard journey – true healing and restoration for these precious souls will only come through the Great Physician – Jesus. Pray for them, pray for them to open up their hearts to His healing, His love – and that they would allow Him to touch those parts of themselves that have been shattered and restore their hope. That is my prayer, I hope it will be yours also.


– note – above photo, I’ve had this for so many years, I cannot remember the source. Please forgive if  it is yours, if you give me the reference, I will add it. Thank you –

(c) klh 4Given Ministries

Never the Same

Published May 24, 2014 by birdieklh


Gentle Shepherd, You lead, You guide

You are my All-in-All

I follow Your voice

Your voice, alone

Although my thoughts

Try to wander, I know

I am prone, yet

I reign them in

Telling myself – wait –

Focus on Him!

On Christ above,

His Hope of Glory

And in His love

I tell my story

To those who will listen

Far and wide

Of how Christ came

Lived and died

To give us life

To free us from fear

He did that for us

He holds us ‘dear’

It cost Him everything

It costs us a choice

To be obedient

To His voice

And then to follow

As He leads

And then share with others

In their times of need

So the cycle continues

It blossoms and grows

This life of faith

Full of hope He bestows

So let Him lead you

Let His Spirit guide

And draw you near

His wounded side

To be complete

In Him, remain

And my friend,

You’ll never be the same.







Frustrations Abound

Published May 23, 2014 by birdieklh

girl kissing Jesus feet“Oh Father, forgive me – frustrations are surrounding my heart, my mind, I am struggling to hold back tears. I KNOW that You are in control! I KNOW that You ARE Jehovah Rapha, my healer! I KNOW that You are Jehovah Jireh, my provider! I KNOW that You ARE the Great Shepherd, and I shall have no want…Lord, I believe (help Thou my unbelief).

“I am here, Lord, once again, at your feet, pouring out my heart before You . . . it seems that I am so strong, and then all of a sudden that strength seems to fly away . . . but Your Word says that when I am weak – then – I am strong. Your Word says that the joy of the Lord IS my strength. Lord, I delight myself in You, for in You – You alone – do I find all I need for every situation.”

Dear ones, it is so difficult sometimes to not be overwhelmed at life’s circumstances. It is when that happens that we must run to our Savior, fall at His feet, and allow His precious love and tender mercy to wash over us. His peace, that passes ALL understanding is there – it comes in to our being – we can rest there – our burden is lifted – His joy becomes our strength –

“Oh thank You, Abba!”

“You are my all in all . . . there is no fear when I am here with You. The horrible things that are attacking us on ever side are still there, but in Your presence, they seem to vanish into the background instead of at the forefront. Oh, Lord, how can I thank You?!  These mountains WILL be removed. Your provision WILL abound. We are faithful to You, and You lovingly take care of us – how dare I even doubt for a moment?! You are gracious beyond compare – awesome in power and great in mercy. Bless the Lord, O my soul – He is more than able to make a way where there seems to be no way!”

I am choosing, this moment, this day, to cast off the spirit of heaviness and put on the garment of praise!

I am choosing, this moment, this day, to rejoice in the Lord, and again, to rejoice!

I am choosing, this moment, this day, to trust in His amazing grace!

I am choosing, this moment, this day, to keep my hope in His promises!

I am choosing, this moment, this day, to block out/reject the depressing, doubting, fearful thoughts that the enemy tries to throw my way, and turn my thoughts to God’s Word!

I am reminded and proclaim the Scripture over my life that “NO weapon forged against me will prosper!”

In all these things, I am encouraging my own heart this day, and I pray that they may also encourage your faith walk as well – as we are open and honest with one another – we all have moments when our flesh becomes weak – sharing our weaknesses as well as our strong and encouraging words, we will all be better able to grow in His grace. This is my desire . . . may we inspire one another, and help spur us on to further growth in His Kingdom, now, as we press on toward the goal – His glorious return – our prize – to be with Him.


(c) klh 4Given Ministries


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