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When Righteous Indignation Arises

Published June 27, 2015 by birdieklh
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There are times when things make us truly angry . . . we want nothing else but to scream out at the top of our lungs . . . to ‘blow off steam’ . . . to cry rivers of tears . . . to lash out . . . to hurt back . . . whatever your way of handling conflict is, there is truly only ONE thing we need to do when our world has seemingly been turned on its head . . . that is to:


Know that if you’re hurting, He’s hurting too . . .

If your heart is breaking over something, think of how much more His heart is breaking over it . . .

Ask Him for His heart in the matter. Ask Him to reveal to You His love for the people around you. Ask Him to help you walk in His ways at all times, even the difficult ones like what we are facing right now in our nation / our world.

Dear ones, we MUST remember that it is His KINDNESS that leads to repentance.

Yes, we need to have righteous indignation over the situation at hand, but we must also stop, breathe in His presence, rest there, then proceed as He directs us . . . and I can guarantee that it will be a FIRM but LOVING response.

~ hate the sin . . . but . . . love the sinner ~

Remember the grace He has given us and be His ambassador . . . get yourself into worship mode, seek His presence, saturate yourself in Him and then we will be able to stand firm in His love, not showing any actions or attitudes that can be perceived as hate or malice for that only gives the enemy more ammo in his artillery.

©klh 4Given Ministries

Beyond What We Could Ever Imagine

Published June 25, 2015 by birdieklh

poured out blessingsTuesday morning, during a time of worship at a minister’s fellowship I was at, the Lord spoke into my spirit these words:

“My Children, I am here. I inhabit the praises of my people. I sit enthroned upon your praises.

Look up, for behold I do a NEW thing – I am about to open up the Heavens and pour out upon you a blessing which you will not be able to contain.

Blessings in all areas of your life that is beyond anything you have ever imagined. Persevere in spending time with Me for it is in My Presence that these blessings continue to be poured out upon you. Blessings of strength. Blessings of health. Blessings of direction. Blessings of protection. Blessings of provision. Blessings of ministry. Blessings directly from My Throne onto the path which I have placed you upon. Worship and praise. Times of intimacy with Me – that is where I AM – that is where your victory is won.”

Thank You, Abba, for Your love in my life. Thank You for the opportunity to come into Your presence, to rest in You, to sing to You, to love on You, to dance before You, to simply BE with You! The blessings You choose to give are only ‘icing on the cake’, for it is You and Your loving merciful grace that I desire above all else. I love You, Lord!!!!, Thank You!!! amen

Can You Hear It?

Published June 24, 2015 by birdieklh

It’s the sound of might waters . . .

It comes as a deluge upon us, yet it whispers ever gently into our spirit . . .

Are we listening?

In numerous areas of our nation there are deluges in the natural. You have only to glance at the news, the headlines, now and again to see the devastation they have brought with them. Yet there is good in it also.

Just as in many other areas there is extreme drought, fires, sinkholes, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.

We need to remember that God often speaks to us in the Spiritual realm through the things that happen in the natural realm. I have posted before about some of the prophetic words coming forth and even linked a few from The Elijah List. I encourage you to pay attention to what is happening and how it may apply to us spiritually…these are exciting times!

Let us take time throughout our ‘busy’ days to stop and allow His deluge to saturate our spirit; to seek His face; to abide in His presence; to cultivate that atmosphere of worship, worshiping Him for Who He IS; to listen and to follow after His leading!

Can you hear it?! It’s everywhere!


©klh 4Given Mistries



Quietness and Trust

Published June 11, 2015 by birdieklh
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WOW! Talk about something powerful deposited within my spirit today!

Isaiah 30:15b “…in repentance and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength…” NASB

In this passage Judah was warned against forming an alliance with the Egyptians, yet they refused to listen. They decided they wanted to do things their own way, and their disobedience caused them much heartache. They simply were not willing to be still, place their confidence in the Lord and see His mighty deliverance.

But that is not what hit me. What got me was going back into the original Hebrew text for “quietness” and “trust” . . .

Quietness – Strongs # 8252 – Shaqat (shaw-kat‘) “a verb meaning to be still, to be quiet, to be undisturbed. The primary meaning of this verb is the state or condition of tranquility…It signifies…a sense of safety and security (emphasis, mine).”

Trust – Strongs # 985 – bitcha (bit-khaw’) “a feminine noun meaning trust, confidence…this confident trust would bring divine strength and salvation” – amazingly, this was only used in this verse, and it was used to “emphasise Isaiah’s theology: true belief in God should be exhibited by implicit trust (confidence) in Him”

Most of us are not facing this type of governmental circumstance, however, we ARE children of God and we DO have to make choices whether or not to be obedient to Holy Spirit’s prompting us, resting and trusting in Him with complete confidence in the very circumstances that we are facing. My questions to you (and myself) after studying these words this morning are:

    Am I being quiet before Him?
    Am I listening to His Word, His leading?
    Am I trusting in Him, with complete confidence in Him?

According to “Isaiah’s theology”, anything less is inappropriate for me if I truly consider myself a Child of God . . . and . . . I DO!

Abba Father, thank You for revealing more of Your Truth into my spirit this morning. Thank You for all the many examples from times past of Your greatness, Your protection, Your provision in my life. Help me, Holy Spirit, to be obedient to Your Word, and with quietness and confident trust in You, My Lord God, and through the power of Your Blood, Jesus, stand firm and rest in Your amazing deliverance in every circumstance I face. Amen and amen.

©klh 4Given Ministries

When you – I Feel – Because

Published June 9, 2015 by birdieklh
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Ever stand around wondering what in the world other people are thinking? I mean, they speak words that seem not to fit situations and / or actions that speak louder than words and they don’t pertain to anything that has taken place – like they pulled things right out of the air?



Do you try to solve things by getting back into their face and matching them word for word, action for action?





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Or do you step back and decide to have open discussions to get things out in the open – clear up any confusion – try to strategically plan a better way?


Here is something very helpful I learned back in school when studying to become a Biblical Counselor – a very simple set of phrases to use together:


When you . . .

“say, such and such” or “do, such and such”

I feel . . .

“hurt” “angry” “wounded” “degraded” “disrespected” “lost” “left out” (fill in whatever is appropriate to your actual feelings)

Because . . .

– here you explain why you are having those feelings/reactions to their words or behaviors –

Using this type of formula helps to gently clear the air – without BLAME – because you are ‘owning’ your feelings and your reaction to the situation. Many times we tend to say things like “you make me so . . . ” and that is putting the other person on the defensive right away because you are blaming them for how you are feeling. No one has any control over how you ‘feel’. Yes, things they say or do may cause certain feelings to arise within us, but it is our ‘choice’ as to what we do with those feelings.

If situations continue to present themselves over and over and over, perhaps it is time to sit down and openly discuss it, but by using this type of terminology, owning your feelings as yours, but helping them understand what is triggering it; that you are struggling with the whole thing, and come up with a solution as to how to work together in a different way so that this is rectified.

It is not an easy thing – in fact – you may expect to encounter even more conflict – however – ALWAYS cover conversations with prayer FIRST – BEFORE you approach the person about the situations. Remember, (Ps 59:16-17, Ps 62:2, Ps 94:22) God IS our defense! and . . . we can do ALL things through Christ (Phil 4:13) and that includes living and walking in love towards all people through all situations, being at peace with everyone (1 Thes 5:13).

©KLH 4Given Ministries

Total Honesty . . . It’s Been a Battle

Published June 8, 2015 by birdieklh

Let me start out this blog with a huge


Spiritual Warfare from pintrest

Spiritual Warfare from pintrest

I am going to be completely honest with you, my dear readers, and let you know that I need to go back and re-read my own postings on Spiritual warfare!

Me . . . the one who so adamantly proclaims victory every day by standing firm on The Word and using our spiritual weapons . . . plain and simple, dear ones, I forgot my own words . . . I allowed the enemy to sneak in and start bombarding me without my recognizing that it was him . . . I put faces onto the attacks . . . COMPLETELY forgot that he was the one behind things . . . talk about a dumb move on my part!

But . . .  I will not beat myself up over this. I am ever grateful for a strong Christian support base…people who love me enough to speak these reminders back into my life.

There are still ugly words.

There are still horrible actions.

There are still brick walls I’m banging my head against.

B U T – I – KNOW

that the battle is the Lord’s and not mine . . . that the victory IS mine because He already overcame ALL the wiles of the evil one over my life on my behalf! I need only stand firm and see His power in action. Thank You, Jesus!!!

Abba Father, forgive me for not having my spiritual eyes open which allowed me to be blind-sided by the enemy! Thank You for placing Your mighty warriors around me, protecting me from even greater harm, and for speaking Truth in love into my life. Thank You for Your guidance, discernment and peace, sweet Holy Spirit. I am ever so grateful for You! Jesus, bless You for all You have done to win the victory for me already and for leaving Your Word as a reminder of how to walk this walk of faith and victory. amen and amen

(c) klh 4Given Ministries

From Elijah List Today

Published June 5, 2015 by birdieklh
June 5, 2015

From the desk of Steve Shultz:

Paulette Reed’s word is chalked-full of both prophetic revelation and Biblical teaching… you’ll learn a great deal from her article! Get excited about this opening statement from Paulette:

On the eve of Pentecost, the Lord began to speak to me about His season of celebration and power that we are now beginning to enter into. Many have prayed, fasted and waited years, even lifetimes, to see the power of God manifest on the earth. We’ve cried out to the Lord, “There’s more, there’s more, we know it, we see it in Your Word. We see the action in the book of Acts and if it’s You, Jesus, we want it!” …I believe we are about to see our prayers answered as the windows of Heaven open.

This NOW word is too good to keep to yourself… so make sure and forward on to others about this season of breakthrough we are entering into!

Enjoy! And thanks for forwarding this to your friends! They can subscribe just below…

Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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On the eve of Pentecost, the Lord began to speak to me about His season of celebration and power that we are now beginning to enter into. Many have prayed, fasted and waited years, even lifetimes, to see the power of God manifest on the earth. We’ve cried out to the Lord, “There’s more, there’s more, we know it, we see it in Your Word. We see the action in the book of Acts and if it’s You, Jesus, we want it!”

I believe we are about to see our prayers answered as the windows of Heaven open.

In the Old Testament the Feast of Pentecost was a time of celebration and jubilation. God had stepped down from Heaven to the top of Mount Sinai to speak to His people (Exodus 19–20), where they were blessed to have received the Law (Torah). In the New Testament, this feast took on a celebration of power when Holy Spirit descended on His people in the Upper Room (Acts 2:1–5) and the Church was birthed. (Photo via flickr)

Pentecost is the fourth of seven Biblical feasts, and it is the final spring feast. Granted, the feasts were originally intended for the worship of God in Israel, but we, as New Testament Gentile Believers, are graphed into the family of God. The Feast of Pentecost is truly a time to rejoice and a good time to reflect, remembering milestones and how far God has brought us [the Church] as we have journeyed with Him through our lives.

God established each of the Biblical feasts so that we would be able to discern the times and seasons in which we live. When we recognize and embrace those seasons we can step into our destinies as ambassadors for Christ.

Here is the Download From Heaven:

1. We must all be in one accord. Of course, this is always true, but we are not where we need to be at the present moment. It’s a season of unity as God’s people gather together, spiritually speaking. And when God’s people dwell together in unity, there God commands His blessing. God wants to bless so that we can bless others as we share the Gospel with a hurting world, caring for the poor, the orphans and the widows.

2. We are in a time of divine reversal. Genesis 11 teaches us about the Tower of Babel and the confusion brought to the people of the land once God scattered their languages. Pentecost, on the other hand, is the reversal of that event. After receiving a fiery Spirit, the disciples found themselves proclaiming the Gospel in every language of the world so all could understand and hear them praise the Lord. We’ve stepped into a season of clarity. May our spiritual eyes and ears be open like never before as we receive revelation from the Lord. (Photo by Jennifer Page “Fire Starter Poem”via

3. The waiting is now over. Just as the original 120 followers of Jesus waited for God’s power to descend upon them, we have done the same in our own day and time. We have prayed and sought the presence of God, and we have received an outpouring of His Spirit. We are now in a season of action. It is time to stop talking about our plans and actually begin doing them by the power that the Spirit gives us

4. Miracles, signs and wonders. As we step into this new season we are about to see a demonstration of the Spirit in signs, wonders, and miracles, that hasn’t been seen since the early Church.

5. The winds of Heaven are blowing. May you feel the winds of Heaven at your back as you move from a time when things seemed difficult to a time where the assignments of God are easily entreated.

6. This is a season of new things. In this new season, try not to resist change and be sure to avoid the seven deadly words: “We never did it that way before.” God is about to do a new thing in our midst, and we must be a people who recognize His presence and not get stuck in the old things.

7. We are in a season of suddenlies. Don’t think it strange as we begin to see breakthrough and answered prayers in abundance (Acts 2:2). Yes, we have been crying out for these things, longing for the Kingdom of Heaven to break into our present circumstances. Now we are in a season where God will “suddenly” show up, manifesting His power and giving us the breakthroughs we have been longing for.(Photo via Pixabay)

8. It’s time to celebrate the generosity of the Lord and to be generous with what God has given to us. We find instructions for how to celebrate Shavuot [Pentecost] in Leviticus 23:22. Here is God’s command to the people of Israel: “When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap your field right up to its edge, nor shall you gather the gleanings after your harvest. You shall leave them for the poor and for the sojourner: I am the Lord Your God.”

9. It’s a time for the bride to make herself ready. When God gave His Law, His Torah (Exodus 20–23), to His people, He took her as His bride. The Old Covenant was a marriage contract between God and the people of God (Jeremiah 3:1–6, 14). The Lord made His “vows” to protect, safeguard, prosper, and bless His bride, if they obeyed His voice. They said, in effect, “I do” (Exodus 19:4–6; 24:7–8). May we remember that in marriage, all that our Heavenly Bridegroom has is ours, and all that we have is His. So, let’s each do our part to declare His Kingdom, glory and power on earth as it is in Heaven.

10. Fire. When the disciples were in the Upper Room, praying for an outpouring of God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit descended in tongues of fire upon each person there, thus giving them fresh vision and passion to fulfill the work of God. Whenever the fire of God comes on someone, it always creates a greater passion for Him, accompanied by a greater passion to serve Him in the context God has set us in.

Let’s rise up and seek Him like never before, believing that He is about to pour out His Spirit in a fresh and new way, remembering that 2015 is the Year of the Open Window.

Paulette Reed
Prophetic Arrow Ministries


Paulette Reed is a powerful preacher, prophetic minister, encourager, and author. She is a full-time revivalist/evangelist. Her passion is to share the love of Christ and unite people to the inexplicable love of our Heavenly Father, exhorting them to arise and shine! She is an extremely accurate prophetess who has been raised up to bring hope and healing to the Body of Christ. Without a vision the people perish, so the Lord is using this handmaiden as His mouthpiece to speak forth individual and corporate vision, catapulting people into their destinies. Paulette loves to see God’s people awakened and proclaim the active extension of the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. She ministers in the revival anointing accompanied by revelatory ministry, healing, miracles, signs and wonders.

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Tears, Tears and More Tears

Published June 1, 2015 by birdieklh

women-tearsTears of joy

Tears from laughter

Tears from sorrows

Over lost tomorrows

Refreshing tears

Tears of devastation

Tears of longing

Tears from viewing breathtaking scenes

Tears caused from wounding, tearing at the seams

of the very fiber of your being . . . crushing . . . perplexing . . . tears.

Tears may come as a deluge

Or perhaps there is only one, slowly slipping through your eyelashes down onto your cheek –

It is not a sign of meekness, nor that you are weak –

Only that you ‘feel’ as the He created you to be –

A person of emotions, to care, to laugh, to love

To share joy in a moment, sadness of another

As we walk upon this earth, sharing with each other

Our successes AND our failures

All our hopes and dreams

Sometimes with much laughter,

Other times, perhaps with screams . . .

Good or bad . . . we need to share

With others who will pray

And hold us up through arms of faith

As we struggle along our way

Tears, tears and more tears

Whether happy or sad

They hold within them a cleansing power

If we turn them over to The One

Who saves each tear in a bottle

And comforts us with His LOVE!

My favorite tears, these days, it seems

Are those that freely flow

As I spend time in worship

As to Him, my love I show

For in His presence, there are no words

To express what’s deep inside

So I sit before Him, or sometimes dance,

And nothing do I hide . . .

Tears of gratitude

Tears of joy

Tears of laughter

Overwhelming tears

Knowing that my Savior, my King, is ever present – those are the tears I love.

©klh 4Given Ministries

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