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Winds Blowing, Softly Whispering

Published April 25, 2015 by birdieklh

IMG_0847Moment by moment,
I KNOW He is with me
I feel His presence
I hear His voice
He showers me with His Love
In Him I rejoice.

Ever near me
Ever in me
His Grace overwhelming my soul
I know He is making me whole

Shaping me
Molding me
Restoring me
Refreshing me
My heart is astounded
By all He offers

I am His willing handmaiden
Desiring to be fit for Him
Desiring to honor Him
Desiring to be used for Him
Furthering His Kingdom
Every moment of every day

Sharing His Love
Sharing His Hope
Proclaiming His goodness
Proclaiming His promises
To all I meet, everywhere He takes me

Sometimes those I encounter
Heed not what I say,
Heed not what I share,
Heed not what He offers
It breaks my heart
It breaks His heart

Yet, silence about my faith
I can not comprehend
For I treasure His presence
Without end – and speak
I must
And always trust
His Word does not return void!

Seeds are planted
The cultivation is His job
So I carry on, as He leads
As His winds blow,
As His voice softly whispers
‘This is the way, walk in it.’


©klh 4Given Ministries

45 Years Ago, Today . . .

Published April 22, 2015 by birdieklh

250I was miraculously set FREE.

I found out that although I was a sinner, I had a Savior Who loved me, no matter what I had done, no matter where I had been.

I made a decision to accept Him into my life. I invited Jesus Christ to come into my heart and be my Savior.

I became His beloved.

Forty-five years is a L O N G time . . . but, sadly, I was not ever discipled.

No one ever shared with me HOW to live the Christian life.

I went to church. I sang in the choir. I taught Sunday School. I helped out counseling at Bible Camp in the summers. I loved Jesus, but I was not studying His Word. I was not truly communicating with Him as with a Friend. I prayed, certainly, for what I had need of, but never just to ‘talk’ to Him. Never to simply share my life with Him. What I knew of Him was on my Sunday visits to church, the lessons I went over to share with the kids in my Sunday School Class.

Years passed and I did start reading my Bible on a regular basis, and acquired a lot of head knowledge of Who God was; however, it actually took my disabled child having to be placed into a care-facility (and my emotional breakdown over that) to open up the channel from my ‘head’ to my ‘heart’ and have the knowledge of God become a reality within my innermost being. When I was at my lowest point, felt like nothing would ever go right, not understanding why, wanting to give up on everything, that God finally – LOVINGLY – said “I’m here, My daughter, I’ve always been here. Are you ready now to make Me everything in your life? To allow Me to direct you, guide you and mold and shape you into the mighty woman of valor that I desire you to become?” I broke, completely, before Him and cried, “yes, Lord, Yes!”

So whenever April 22 rolls around I always celebrate it with mixed emotions.

I KNOW beyond any shadow of any doubt that Jesus was in my heart and that I would have gone directly to be with Him in glory should anything have happened to me during my life; but along with that though is the poignancy that I would have had nothing to offer Him. All my ‘works’ . . . all the things I had done, choir, teaching, etc. were quite honestly, wood, hay and stubble. Things that would quickly burn away leaving nothing in their stead. I praise Him for saving me and coming into my life, and for graciously allowing me to serve Him even in my spiritual blindness, yet I grieve over the years lost in intimacy with Him. That glorious intimacy that I have now enjoyed for so many wonderful years.

Dear ones, if you are new in the Lord. If you know someone who is new in the Lord. PLEASE, hook up with someone who will share their faith-walk with you. Allow a mature Christian to show you HOW to apply God’s Word to your daily life. It contains EVERYTHING we NEED for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). We need to realize that Jesus did not just lay down His life for the forgiveness of our sins, which would have been more than enough, but that He lay down His ALL so that we may have His ALL – His abundant, fruitful, faith-filled, life. That life full of the richness of communication with Abba Father. That life lead most deeply and wonderfully through Holy Spirit. To experience His glory, His power, His provision, His grace, His healing . . . there is nothing else like it . . . and, it is eternal!

Abba Father, thank You for sending Jesus. Jesus, thank You for all You did on Calvary, and as You lived Your life as an example to us for living our lives. Holy Spirit, thank You for Your comfort, Your instruction, Your peace. Lord God, I am overwhelmed on this, my 45th re-birth day . . . I am ever grateful to You for choosing me to be Your handmaiden. To work with You in bringing Your hope to others, is beyond description. Bless You, Lord, my God, my King! I praise Your Name!!! May my life bring glory and honor to You. Amen.

©klh 4Given Ministry

How Does One Begin . . .

Published April 18, 2015 by birdieklh

My heart is bursting with brightness . . . even more brilliant than these flowers . . . so full to overflowing with gratitude to my God!Painted Background 259

There are no words to adequately express what is in my emotions as I sit here trying to put them down to share with others my thankfulness. No words.

But . . . I can tell you what has been happening . . . perhaps you will be able to understand somewhat and rejoice along with me.

This is the seventh year since my ministry partner, sister-in-Christ and precious friend went Home to be with Jesus (or, it will be on May 19th). During these past 7 years life has been very bittersweet. It was time for her to be free from her horrific suffering illnesses, but my heart felt as though it had been completely wrenched apart. I made the decision to take a year to seek God’s perfect will for my life.

Leaving the KingsHighway Refuge Center and Joseph’s Storehouse (ministry outreaches of 4-Given in Arkansas) in the care of another couple who were partnered with us, I set out on my seeking journey (they were to care for the physical ministry there while I kept up with the online ministry aspect from wherever I would be at).

I first went up to Illinois to visit my son, his family, and my husband who was in a nursing home (he is now Home with the Lord as well) to see if there was 1) a church I could feel a part of, 2) a nearby placement provision for our daughter who has special needs, and 3) job opportunities for myself. I found the first and third, but not the second.

From there I visited my family in southern California. I stayed there with them for two months and as my ‘home’ church was still there, the first issue was covered. There were several choices for Mariah’s

Mariah & Mom in the chapel Feb. 2015

Mariah & Mom in the chapel Feb. 2015

needs, that was good, but the cost of living out there was so very much more than I felt I could commit to, so I went back to Illinois – this time to the area across from St Louis. The reason for this was that when I would bring Deb (my ministry partner) up for her treatments we stayed with very dear friends (adopted Ma & Pa Duncan, who are also Home with the Lord now) and fellowshipped with an awesome church there – Alpha and Omega in Collinsville. The Duncan’s opened up their home to me for as long as I wanted and I was actually in the process of getting Mariah transferred up to a facility about an hour out of the area I was at when the Lord showed me that He had other plans for me.

Those other plans are another whole story in itself, much to much to place in today’s blog, so I will simply say, He brought me to Texas to marry Francisco and be a part of His plans for the San Antonio area . . . bringing His Kingdom as a reality in the lives of His precious bride – and THAT too is another story.

Back to the reason I am so overflowing with gratitude . . . during the ‘year’ sabbatical (which stretched into much, much longer) many things were taken from me; from 4Given. The refuge center, everything in it (pews, altar, pulpit, artwork, books, sound system, microphones, piano, organ, bass, misc. percussion instruments, tables, games, chairs, desks, books and shelves, and much more) plus I lost the domain name due to funds (couldn’t afford to renew it). When I did get the funds, the domain name was taken, no longer available . . . that is . . . until this past Tuesday! I had been checking periodically over the years and it just wasn’t available . . . in fact, I had checked on Sunday, and then on Tuesday I felt Holy Spirit prompting me to check again – it WAS available again, and it is back where it should have always remained. It will be back up and running soon. Praise God!

But . . . that is not the only reason I’m bursting with joy . . . on Sunday, my husband and I were praying earnestly, “Lord, if this is truly Your will for 4Given to be active once more in the music side of the ministry (the writings and counseling have never stopped) we are trusting You to provide the way for it to be so.” Well, dear ones, that was Sunday…by Monday evening…we had a brand new portable sound system on its way, completely paid for! Then on Tuesday the domain name came back to us! More doors are opening for ministry! We are now in awe at what God is doing!

So . . . I repeat my opening words . . . How DOES one begin? For me, it is with arms wide open, heart and face lifted up to the Heavens and with tears of joy and gratitude flowing, say



Painted Background 259
©klh 4Given Ministries

Shine Your Light, Oh Lord!

Published April 9, 2015 by birdieklh

Seeking the quiet, peaceful, soaking presence of my Savior . . . I bow the knee . . . face to the ground . . . listening to soaking worship music, speaking forth His precious promises over my life from His Word . . . I hear Him say “look up” and “come away My beloved” . . . I see a picture similar to this one in my minds eye . . . His Sweet Spirit is breaking through the thick dense forest of ‘stuff’ that surrounds . . . reminding me once more that He is ever near, loving me, protecting me.

I feel the warmth of His presence permeating my being from within and without – He surrounds me with His loving presence, assuring me that He is ever near at every moment of every day.

Oh Jesus, how I love You! You hear, You listen, You comfort, Your grace abounds, Your joy overflows, Your songs of love reach into my deepest heart and assure me of Who You ARE within me and who I am in You! How can I thank You, Abba for Your great love? How can I express my gratitude, Holy Spirit, for Your constant presence, direction, and companionship? I can not find the words . . . I search for them but they can not be found. Oh, Lord, my King, my God, Lover of my soul . . . . to You ALONE do I bow and worship and praise and exalt! Blessed are You oh Mighty One! Let me live my life always aware of this surrounding Presence of You! As You speak – I WILL hear and obey. As You lead – I WILL follow, go where You tell me to go, stay where You tell me to stay, pray as You lead me to pray, speak as You prompt me to speak! You surround me with mighty angels – co-workers in Your Kingdom – protecting, helping in the spiritual battles that beset me – we ARE victorious as You have already won every battle for us . . . may I forever stand firm, fully clothed in Your righteousness, fitted (and using) with Your full armor . . . following every step of the way, Your leading. Oh gracious, loving Lord, thank You! Thank You for everything, but especially thank You for YOU!!!

Continue to shine Your light upon me!

©klh 4Given Ministries

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