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Being Still

Published September 29, 2014 by birdieklh

Excellent . . . love this!

Mind's Seat

Being Still

by Susan Irene Fox


A lazy Sunday afternoon we sit

In side by side a hushed companionship

As leaves spiral to autumn’s bluesy beat

In this restful place on love’s wine we sip

You freely to me did your life commit

And knowing this I am in grace’s grip

We speak of things that no one else can hear

You hold me, touch my heart and wipe my tears

This time with you is treasured, honored, prized

We each attend the other, first and first

No veil between us, just the space comprised

Of love, compassion, hope and trust immersed

In faithfulness and joy, so undisguised

So filled with you I think my heart would burst

These precious moments cannot be replaced

Until forever, they must be embraced

As life does pull me toward things I must tend

I’m saddened and dismayed, I must confide

I know our…

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“24 Burn” Experience

Published September 29, 2014 by birdieklh

You all know I don’t usually blog about specific events, but more of devotional/inspiring/God-lead encouragment . . . but I just HAVE to share this with you . . . incredible time! I encourage all to start something like this in their own towns!

24 burn san antonio

All I can say is “W O W” – talk about the glory of The Lord showing up! I was privileged to be there all but about 4 1/2 hours . . . most of that spent outside the actual sanctuary where the worship was going on, but the anointing was SO preciously strong that even out there I was having a hard time standing . . . getting quite ‘drunk’ in the Spirit, I was.

Anyone in San Antonio who is interested in helping to establish and lift up the “Tabernacle of David”, bringing down the power, anointing and presence of God . . . please contact them. They go to different churches who are willing to open the doors for a 24 hour period of time every month.

We had worship teams come from all over (Austin, Houston etc.) to help usher in this awesome time of worship before our Lord.

Just to give you an idea, here was the line-up:
7 Jeremy Burk
9 New Ave
11 Nissi
1 Timothy Hanselek
3 David Smith
5 Burn Staff
7 Byron Capt
9 Brianna Smith
11 Isaac Martinez
1 David Holley
3 Burn Staff
5 Ali Brown

\o/ still in the spirit of worship even now, two days later \o/

Thank you, everyone who came to lead worship AND participate in this event . . . there is NOTHING like the presence of our KING!!!

Here is another great link to help you start one where you are.

(c)klh 4Given Ministries

A Time of Waiting

Published September 23, 2014 by birdieklh

Here and there, now and then, every one of us have experienced a time of waiting.

Whether or not it is the arrival of an acquaintance from long ago, or a greatly anticipated letter from a loved one, a promotion at work, a child coming home from school, news from a doctor . . . we’ve all had those moments. Some are quite exciting; some can be quite dreadful . . . but we wait . . . for we know that once they/it arrives, we can move forward once more.

I know that one of the things I’m awaiting is the return of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I also know that the time is getting shorter and shorter and shorter . . . as the days pass by my expectation increases . . . my excitement grows . . . apprehension tries to sneak in, yet the joy of KNOWING the end results – eternal life with Jesus – overrides that quickly.

We DO have to face some very rough times . . . it has begun . . .

We WILL need to be FIRMLY established in The Word of God – ready to be able to share the hope we have in Him. Ready to stand our ground when our spiritual battles increase. Ready to be that anchor in the storms of life for others who perhaps do not know Jesus yet – those who will be frightened and unsure as to where to turn, what to do, how to cope.

We (Christians) ARE the bride that Christ is returning for . . . but we have quite a lot of work yet ahead of us. There is still so much division, dis-unity, argumentative attitudes towards one another. Now, I’m not talking about always agreeing on every single issue, but on the Truth of God’s Word – Who He IS, and who we are in Him – the finished work Jesus did on Calvary – those things we CAN agree upon and as we all have the same Holy Spirit living in us, we CAN unify our hearts in worship and seeking His Will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven!

As we worship our King – as we spend more and more time intimately with Him – corporately developing a lifestyle of praise, worship and intercession (the Tabernacle of David that He is raising up once more) – He WILL prepare our hearts and our very lives to accomplish the tasks before us in these end times.


Let the church arise . . . let His bride adorn herself and be waiting/watching (and WORKING) with great expectation for His return!

Jesus . . . we are waiting for You!

Show us all you would have us to do . . . to be the bride You are returning for . . . 

© klh 4Given Ministries

Ready – Aim – FIRE!

Published September 17, 2014 by birdieklh
image from

image from

Just as David was with Goliath, we need to be prepared to take down the spiritual enemies of our souls . . .

How did David do such a thing, slaying that giant while he was but a lad himself? By . . .


He was prepared because of his relationship with God – he was a WORSHIPER – he had communication going through that worship all the time. He KNEW God – knew of His provision and strength. He KNEW that there was nothing that he could not do with God’s help. God had helped him kill a bear and a lion as he tended his father’s flocks. He knew he would be safe to approach the enemy of God because he KNEW God’s mighty and powerful provision through the established relationship he had with Him.

Because God had shown Himself mighty to David on other occasions, he simply KNEW he could completely depend upon God to come through in this giant of a situation (no pun intended) standing in front of him.

Our own giants seem overwhelming yet, like David, as we cultivate a heart of worship to our God; as we nurture and grow a more intimate relationship with Him, we will receive His strength (through Holy Spirit, Who dwells IN us) to accomplish all things!

So . . . we need to get ready . . . through worship/praise and study of The Word.

Then . . . we can take aim . . . once we know / understand what the enemy IS (depression, finances, habits, whatever is attacking you), through your time in prayer and study of Scripture, ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you the arrows you need to take aim . . . He will give you specific Scripture to use in the battle you are facing.

And . . . FIRE away . . . start using that Sword – proclaim those Scriptures over your situation!

Most importantly, by faith, KNOW who you are in Christ, and Who He IS in you . . . realize the power and authority He has given to you and be bold.

Remember, satan may use people in part of his attack against you, but you are NOT fighting them. This is a spiritual battle – we are making war against ‘principalities and power of the air’ (in other words, satan and his demons/followers). Ask the Lord to send His mighty warrior angels to assist in the battle – that is your right as a blood-bought, born-again, child of God. He is faithful . . . the battle is His and it is already won . . . we simply need to do our part . . . by FAITH and PREPARATION.

(c) klh 4Given Ministries

When Emptiness Prevails

Published September 12, 2014 by birdieklh

It seems like “losses” almost always come in threes.

Within the past few weeks I have personally experienced the loss of three very special people in my life. A friend, Mike H., my spiritual ‘Pa’, Aubrey D. and my brother-in-law, Leonard G..

They were all wonderful men who loved the Lord, so there is hope eternal of our being reunited once more, and for that I rejoice. I also rejoice over the fact that they are all now free from pain, able to stand strong, run, dance, leap, whatever they now choose to do as they spend time with their Savior and Abba Father.

Yet . . . there is an emptiness that prevails within the hearts of those closest to them. It is the way God created us – we grieve for the loss of their physical presence – we ache for their touch – we desire to be able to hear their voice just one more time.

There are times that will come over them where they may feel they will be unable to bear one more moment of the pain within their hearts, but they will. That is the way God planned for us – He loves us SO much – He never gives us MORE than we can truly handle. He knows what we can bear – and – He is there to lift that burden from us.

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image from

Throughout my life, as I am sure it has been with many of my readers, I have suffered losses . . . hopes, dreams, jobs, financial losses, business losses, but the hardest of all was the loss of loved ones. There were absolutely times when I found myself so overcome with the fact that they were really ‘gone’ that I collapsed under the anguish. The tears, no SOBS, seemed to have no end whatsoever . . . but, they did cease. The days continued to turn into weeks; the weeks into months; the months into years. I survived, by God’s grace. Yes, I still have ‘moments’ when sadness overcomes me as I think of our times together, but I have learned to thank God for those precious times together, cherish the good memories, let go of any of the negative memories and trusting Abba Father to heal the pain of that loss.

It is not an easy process, but it does become second nature over the years that I have put that into practice.

Right now, my heart is heavy for my loved ones who lost their husband, dad, grandpa, great-grandfather . . . I know and understand the pain they are going through and that is what has had me on my knees . . . praying for their strength and for God’s peace to permeate every ounce of their being as they face the times ahead.

I hate to say, “all I can do is pray”, as that is the MOST important thing anyone can do, but I do long to be able to be there for each one of them – wrap my arms around them – love them through this – assuring them that they will be able to go on, however, distance keeps me in one place, them in another. I am loving them through from a distance . . . trusting God to send others to wrap their arms around them and to be there for them in the flesh to help bring His love and comfort to them.

What can we do, ourselves, when these times come? We know they will. Life and death – it is what it is. We all experience it. For me, it is crawling up on Daddy’s lap –

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letting Him hold me in His loving arms . . . let the tears flow . . . let Him heal and help me to go on in His strength.

In Him, there is peace. In Him, there is comfort. In Him, there is hope. In Him, there is strength for each moment. In Him, there is safety.

(c) klh 4Given Ministry

Hearing The Call

Published September 8, 2014 by birdieklh
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It has begun . . .

Can you hear it?

It is time for the bride of Christ to arise from their slumber and be ready!

The signs of His return are all around us . . . every day brings forth more news of things that were prophesied from days long ago . . .

It is time, church, it is time to rise up, take a stand, be ready for the work He has called us to. It may not be easy, but we need to be dressed in His FULL ARMOR (helmet of salvation, belt of Truth, Sword of the Spirit, Gospel boots of peace, breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, be prayed up and prepared) . . . do you hear it?

We, too, must sound the alarm – urging one another to wake up, be alert, be prepared!

join with the angels and elders around the Throne, singing “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb – Who was and Who IS and Who is to come!”

Time for us to shout out with a resounding cry of “Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus, Come!”

This is the time to share our faith with everyone – Others NEED to hear about all that Christ has done! We need to be silent NO longer!

Even now, our brothers and sisters in Christ, in various parts of the world, are being scorned, ridiculed, tortured even killed for their faith . . . false gods and the ‘anti-Christ’ spirit is rising and determined to take over . . . I reiterate . . .   We need to be silent NO longer!

No matter what happens, we must remain strong and resilient in our faith. Keep our feet firmly planted in God’s Word. Keep the intimate communication lines open with Abba Father and stand firm in the days ahead.

We MUST become people of PRAISE! It is through praise and worship that the Israelite people were victorious . . . praise ALWAYS went before the army . . . there is powerful spiritual warfare being done when we worship our King!

Y E S  . . .

It has begun . . .

Can you hear it?

It is time for the bride of Christ to arise from their slumber and be ready!

© klh 4Given Ministries

Prince (Princess) or Pauper?

Published September 5, 2014 by birdieklh

How do you see yourself today?

Do you base your opinion of yourself on your circumstances?

Are you allowing the things in this life to weigh you down, emotionally?

Have you been questioning yourself as to your purpose?

Do you find yourself struggling beneath a heavy load of “what if’s?”

~    S T O P    ~

. . . change your mindset! Pray for God to reveal to you how He sees you!!!


image from

image from



God has redeemed us through the Blood of His Son, Jesus . . . brought us out of darkness in to the Kingdom of His Glorious Light! 1 Peter 2:9



We are privileged, He has adopted us into His family . . . Ephesians 1:5

We have been stamped with “Royalty”, He has “sealed” us with the Holy Spirit . . . Ephesians 4:30b & 2 Corinthians 1:22

We are ruling and reigning with Jesus Christ in heavenly places – seated with Him now . . . Ephesians 2:6

We have authority over the enemy of our souls . . . Luke 10:19

We are His workmanship – and all He does is excellent! Ephesians 2:10

We have a perfect Creator . . . and . . . we ARE created in His image . . . if THAT doesn’t hit your heart . . . hmmm. . . . The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Master, Creator God:






and . . . NOTHING can ever separate us from His love for us!

So, dear ones, next time the enemy tries to bombard your mind with those nasty ugly thoughts of how bad things are (around you, in you, through you) SHAKE IT OFF and tell him that  your Heavenly Father – has things covered . . .  that you ARE fearfully and wonderfully made, being shaped and molded into a mighty son/daughter and he has to get his puny hands off of you and your life in Jesus Name! Remind him that he IS defeated!!! and remind yourself that you ARE victorious through Christ – and that you ARE royalty!!!


© klh 4Given Ministries

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