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Lost in Worship

Published March 31, 2014 by birdieklh

Oh what glorious fellowship there is with my King when I get lost in worship! It began yesterday morning at church. Pastor asked me to join them up on the worship team . . . then today after my quite time in the Word, I decided to watch “The Bride” again before I loaned it to another Pastor. That lead to more songs beginning to rise up from deep within my spirit.

So, here I sit, enjoying a wonderful breeze, listening to the birds singing, joining my voice along with theirs – praising our Lord for His awesome goodness! Allowing the wind to lift our praise and adoration heavenward . . . to join up with the very praises around the Throne! I feel my heavy heart begin to lighten. There begins to lift the spirit of heaviness that the enemy tries to burden me with – he is NOT successful – for he is a defeated foe – I have my armor on and I’m ready for battle!

From my heart, I breath deeply and declare that “Holiness is what I long for, holiness is what I need.” I proclaim that I am walking with my Lord and that I will “Trust and Obey.” I sing forth my “Victory in Jesus”, and “Power in The Blood”, and how “There is a Redeemer!” How sweet it is to “Trust in Jesus.” song after song, after song, after song, old, new . . . the hours passed by so quickly that I did not even realize it. I do not wish to leave, yet I want to share it with the world. I want others to enter in with me, because no matter what the day brings, no matter what the doctors say, no matter what the bills look like, no matter what anyone has done to you . . . God’s love “never fails, never gives up, never runs out!”

Oh, even if you don’t feel like it, reach down inside of yourself – and start SINGING! Even if you can’t carry a tune – sing from your heart, from your spirit – allow your spirit to commune with the Lover of your soul . . . get lost in Him . . . He’ll prepare you for the battle (which, by the way, He has already won!)

166672_1776659940513_1359796123_31917594_3435338_n You know, I have to shake my head at the devil. You would think he would learn after all of these years that we are getting stronger. Maturing into the Bride that Christ is returning for. We are learning how to use our weapons of warfare – how to stand firm against him and his minions. How to live with a heart of worship, praise and adoration even in the midst of heartache and trials. I mean, how dumb can he be?! It amazes me.

Handmaiden of the Lord

Published March 24, 2014 by birdieklh

The phrase “His Handmaiden” is a part of my mission statement, and the way I sign the majority of my letters, but you may ask “why” or “what does it mean”, I will do my best to explain my heart, here, and pray that you, too will desire to be called “His Handmaiden”.

In the Old Testament, when a lady had servants, she would have one that was specifically to be her “right hand” (so to speak) and that one would be called her handmaiden. It would be the one that was so close to her that they shared all. The handmaiden would know every detail of her mistress/master’s life. The likes, dislikes, what brought joy, what brought sorrow, knew the ‘in’s and out’s’ of her mistress/master’s very life.

That is how I desire to be with my Lord. Being that close to Him. Knowing Him so well that He can fully rely upon me in all areas to act in His best interest. He will know that I will serve Him well, fully representing His desires, actions and attitudes, bringing Him all honor and glory.

In the New Testament we see another use of the term “Handmaiden” in the Christmas story we share each and every year. Mary was chosen by God to bear the Savior of the World . . . she bowed down, knowing that she was the least of all, knowing that she had done nothing to cause such an honor, and said “behold Thy Handmaiden” . . . it is my heart’s deepest desire to always remember that although I am nothing, He has chosen to use this vessel that I am to help spread His Word, His Love and His Grace in this life. It keeps me on my knees. It keeps me bowing before Him, fully knowing that there is nothing I can do outside of His mercy and grace in my life, yet desiring to serve Him with all I am and all I will ever be. To please Him and to hear Him one day say “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

For those reasons I use the term “His Handmaiden”. So that others will know that I bow before Him and desire to be His Servant. That all that I do is not anything for man’s recognition, but for His glory alone.

Dear ones, I only wish I could truly share what is in my heart. I have been so deeply saddened by some within the Body of Christ who would think that because we serve the Lord we are trying to “exalt” ourselves. How my heart aches over such a statement. As we serve Him, we need to stay in total humility before Him . . . we realize that He, alone, is the reason we live, and move and have our being. that He, alone, is our strength, our song, our portion forever! My prayer for you, and for all my sisters (and brothers) in Christ is found in Philippians 1 verses 9-11. Here it is in the New International Version. “and this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ – to the glory and praise of God.”

Dear ones, always (no matter how much honor “men” bestow upon you, such as titles, or positions) remember to stay humble before God and man. For all we have, ever will have, or ever hope to be . . . all come from the Father’s Hand, and it is well for us to always live by Proverbs 27:1-2.

I leave you with this prayer,

“Father, God, I lay my life continually before Your throne of Grace, may my heart always remain humble before You and before others. I know, Abba, that it is only by Grace that I can do anything, and I thank You for the awesome opportunity to study Your Word, and to have fellowship with other believers. I thank You for the privilege of sharing Your Word with others, for the times of witness and discipleship with other women that you have brought into my life. I praise You for allowing me to be able to be so close to You and to be able to serve You in all I say and do. Father, may my whole being bring honor and glory to You. I lift up each one of my dear sisters who have come to this place, Lord. Touch their hearts, stir up within them a desire to know You more. To become a Handmaiden of Yours, for the work to be done in Your Kingdom. In Jesus, most precious and holy Name, amen.”

What a Week!

Published March 22, 2014 by birdieklh


Hubby started new job – PRAISE GOD – being without an income for three weeks is a wee bit nerve wracking even though we KNOW that God is in control, our flesh tends to rise up and want to worry – it is a battle. Of course, they started him on the night shift which meant he had to readjust his sleeping schedule and wouldn’t you know it . . . the place we live at chose this time to redo the roof! Large trucks, horns blowing, men shouting, hammers pounding, materials flying and landing . . . sleep? Yea, right. Poor thing. He’s a trooper though.

Then, for some strange reason several of my doctors decided that they needed to get moving on some issues that had been pending while replacing my over-aged hips were tended to last year. The result was four different visits, a two hour MRI (where I had to lay on my side ABSOLUTELY STILL) and a three hour visit at a pain management center to test a numbing of the nerves along my crooked back . . . to avoid surgery . . . if it works they will go back and ‘burn/melt’ the nerves to give a more permanent relief. Anyway, it was a number of VERY stress-filled days.

I did not get to be here, sharing daily as I’ve been doing. I was not able to participate in our intercessory prayer group at church that I’m a part of. I wasn’t able to attend the minister’s meeting, twice. I had to miss the times of Prophetic Worship, also twice, oh, this was a heart breaker for me! And, I was forced to miss out on the study we’re doing on Wednesday nights for Preparedness Peace. Not to mention, getting together with some of the gals from church for fellowship . . . it honestly felt like a part of me had been ripped right out!

So, why am I sharing all of these with you? Two reasons.

One, to let you know why you’ve not seen any postings for a while; and, two, to remind us all that sometimes God allows things to come along our pathway that causes “our plans” to be disrupted.

Why? Hmmm….most likely to test our faith. To see how we will react. You see, we either trust Him or we don’t. That applies to times that go smoothly AND times that so anything but smooth as well. Those times when we can hardly see straight, hardly understand which way to turn, wonder where everyone has gone . . . God hasn’t left us . . . nope . . . He’s always there. Sometimes we need to go through some rough times in order to realize just how very much we need to turn our eyes fully upon Him and refocus our lives on what He desires for us. We may be very active in our church. We may be very active in our community. We may be very active in our schools, etc. but, are we very active in being in HIS presence? Not just for a few fleeting moments of “good morning, Lord, thank you for this day, bless me today, Lord, etc.” but REALLY spending time with Him?

I know that during that two hour MRI, my songs of praise and love were flowing to keep my mind on Him instead of on what I was ‘feeling’. I know that before the procedures performed on my back I spent about 45 minutes in worship, singing and asking Holy Spirit’s presence to fill me and cast out any anxiety that might have been there . . . times that force me to refocus . . . why does it sometimes take unpleasant things to draw us into the secret place more than the good and wonderful times? I truly have to wonder. girl kissing Jesus feet

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