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While I Was Away from Blogging

Published June 9, 2017 by birdieklh

Illness, Despair, Hitting rock bottom – but NEVER giving up the hope I have in Jesus Christ!

Believing in His promises – KNOWING He will never leave me nor forsake me!



KNOWING that my body IS healed and that it WILL come in line – whether in this lifetime or in my heavenly body – I knew not – but I continue to believe in His promise to me!

Visions – Revelations – whispers into my innermost being . . . still in the process of discovering the very depth of His incredible LOVE for me – my BELOVED – my JOY – and what all of what He has shown me, and continues to reveal to me means . . . and when and how to begin to share with you . . . it will come . . . it is powerful . . . I miss writing, but have been unable up to this point. It was horrible, I could hardly form sentences, think, could not type, could not read . . . could not even sing or play my musical instrument in worship . . . all was internal from my spirit to God’s heart . . . and from His Spirit to mine . . . deep and intense and rich in LOVE.

The song that got me through . . .


We Are in This Together!

Published December 10, 2016 by birdieklh

We come from different backgrounds. We go to different churches. We have sat under different denominational teachings – BUT – we ARE to be in UNITY when it comes to our role in this world. As Christians (as with our armed forces) it should not matter what the uniform we wear is! We are in God’s Army, Jesus Christ is our Commander-in-Chief and we need to face the enemy (satan) TOGETHER!

If we can just try and wrap our brains around this principle:


In the history of Americans in wartime, there is an underlying sense of “get the job done”. Men and women will walk side-by-side, fight side-by-side, bleed side-by-side, cover one another, do everything they can to ensure the protection of one another, REGARDLESS of the uniform!


How many of us would be willing to link arms with our brothers and sisters (IN Christ) who happen to worship differently than we do?

Can you imagine the IMPACT our unity would have upon this world?

We already have one small example through the results of the presidential election . . . Christians got down on their knees, hooked up with one another at prayer rallies, chimed in onto conference calls for prayer over our nation and the election. Truly humbling themselves, crying out for wisdom, direction and God’s perfect will to be done. The result? A man who was completely godless has given his heart to Jesus. A man who acknowledged that he didn’t need …. fill in the blank, there are so many different things stated . . . now is surrounding himself with Godly counsel! The Vice-President elect (and his wife) are both dynamic, on fire, firm in their faith, Spirit-filled believers.

Another example is right here in San Antonio. A Godly woman, against all odds, was chosen as an interim Mayor, only to be surrounded by the body of Christ with support, love and much prayer – she IS our Mayor. And, just like with Joseph and Daniel, God’s favor has been upon her so much so that even opposition is now supporting her wholeheartedly for the upcoming reelection process!

So . . . let us focus back upon what this article started with . . . We are ALL in this TOGETHER! 

As we come alongside one another in love, forgetting (laying aside) our differences (the uniform we wear) and place our thoughts, intents and purposes towards the things God desires of us – namely LOVE – we CAN pray together, worship together, cover one another, support one another AND advance the Kingdom of God!

I’m in . . . are you?

For further reflection on these thoughts based upon Scripture:

Unity and Maturity in the Body of Christ

Complete Unity . . . so the world can KNOW

Love Brings Forth Unity

©klh 4-Given Ministries


Writer’s Block?! No, Wait . . .

Published March 5, 2015 by birdieklh

Oh I HATE when this happens . . . I know it has been a while since I posted a blog on here, and for that I do apologize.



The reason(s), I am presuming,

    are as follows:

  • My last article STILL impacts my heart and my brain
  • The busy ‘things’ that happen in life are at times overwhelming
  • I still live in this fleshly body which from time to time likes to SCREAM at me with symptoms that I long ago stopped speaking and claiming!

So, here I sit at the keyboard, with so many thoughts and ideas running (quite competitively) through my head and find myself coming up with nothing. The screen stares back at me and I can almost hear the laughter . . . yes, I do have a vivid imagination ♥

Perhaps a good start to posting would the third thing mentioned above. Struggling with weight issues, complications arose from that and the way I lived my life, my body really went down hill. One day it dawned on me that everytime (or so it seemed) that I went to a doctor there were more diagnosises placed upon me. And, like a dutiful patient, I started ‘claiming’ them. Yep, talked about them ALL the time. The result of such behavior on my part? Steady declining health.

Once I realized what I was doing to myself – the fact that God’s Word clearly tells us that “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21 – and that everytime I was speaking the diagnosis, I was giving it more power over my body – I had a decision to make.

I chose to change the way I spoke!

Do the doctors and tests still say that I ‘have’ certain things? Does my body still ‘feel’ like it has certain things? Hmmm. . . I think you know the answer to that . . . but I no longer speak or claim them over myself.

God’s Word also clearly tells us distinctly that as Jesus Christ hung on the cross of Calvary, He not only took upon himself my sin, but also my sickness, infirmaties and diseases! (Mathew 8:17). . . that means . . . when He said “IT IS FINISHED” . . . it WAS!!!

There is a spiritual battle that goes on between God’s Word and my body . . . it is a fight that has already been won, I fully know and understand this . . . but battle heats up from time to time and I must stand firm with The FULL Armor on and trust that my body WILL come in line . . . for . . . I AM HEALED!

© klh 4Given Ministries

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