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God’s Impeccable Timing!

Published February 19, 2017 by birdieklh

Oh my goodness . . . why am I surprised?! Silly me! He ALWAYS does things perfectly, and here I am still basking in His awesome love.

I simply HAVE to share some of what our awesome Lord has done.

You see, my husband and I went on a retreat – knew it would bring healing, set some things right in our lives, but we really had NO idea how much so! Without going into all the details, let me simply say this – a HUGE bolder of “Unworthiness & Rejection” was revealed, stripped away and TOSSED my-bolder as far as one can possibly throw. It was a very intense, introspective time of examination, and it was not pleasant . . . ah, but the lightness within, after letting, go was amazing. It is amazing still, now, a week later.

The story does not end there . . . no, my friends, it is but a beginning.

There had been (in the past few months) a ‘feeling’ of distance (sort of a wall) that I had noticed. After what happened on that retreat, and after prayer, I reached out to the person explaining that I was sensing a distancing in our relationship. I asked if I had somehow offended them. They responded, “let’s talk”. So, today, we did.


I’m telling you that God’s PERFECT timing is just that. The person didn’t feel a ‘release’ to speak with me until I reached out. Then, when we had our glorious encounter, I KNEW that had I / we tried to ‘talk’ (of the things we discussed) before . . . it would of been a complete devastating disaster to me. But it wasn’t! No, not at all. With that burden;  that bolder of unworthiness lifted, I was able to have a normal, very productive, incredible and glorious time of receiving the love that was being offered.

Sometimes we have to have difficult discussions with one another – to truly walk in the Love of Christ, to be the body He intended us to be, we need to speak to one another from time to time with. Instruction, presented and received in love is SO freeing! SO healing! SO refreshing!

I am grateful to God for placing Godly friends around me. Those that love me enough to address an area they see (or perceive) differently than that which God intends for us.

Once we have allowed God to heal the trauma of our past – once we’ve allowed Holy Spirit to download into our hearts how precious we are to Him – once we understand / grasp His GREAT love for us . . . we can RECEIVE and grow from what others (who truly love us) have to say.

How I thank Him for the surgery He preformed on my inner-man at the retreat.

How I thank Him for showing me that I AM worthy – so worthy, in fact that He sent His Son to die in my place that I could have eternal life!

How I thank Him for helping me (over the past few months) to see and recognize (and we are still working on the understanding) that what He has me doing in the Kingdom is of great worth. It is not what I had felt I should be doing. It is not what others have spoken over my life, that I would be doing. I had (from the depths of that heavy bolder of unworthiness) felt that what I was doing was nothing . . . but it IS EXACTLY what He has for me at this time.

I am praising Him for allowing me to embrace the woman He is designing me to be! I have begun to feel an excitement in what He has me doing. Beginning to be comfortable with me . . . probably for the very first time in my entire life . . . it is an incredible revelation and it is full of joy and peace like I’ve never known before.

You know, sometimes we hear a word spoken (or in my case, multiple ‘confirmations’ of a word spoken) over us and we jump in with everything we have. We push forward, we keep speaking it . . . proclaiming (calling forth those things that are not as though they are) but . . . was it REALLY the Lord speaking those things over us? Did we / did I (no) take it to prayer and seek His plan? Unfortunately, I just went with it. Then, with that bolder of unworthiness strapped to my back, I pressed on. What did that accomplish? Heartache and disappointment time after time after time. I would find myself reacting out of that “trying to prove . . . (something) myself” – oh, Lord, what a mess!

Why am I making myself vulnerable by sharing such intimate details of my faith walk? Because I am praying that perhaps it will help another person on their own pilgrimage.

May I suggest a thorough examination of your heart:

  • Am I reacting in ways that are not mature in some areas?
  • Do things people say or do (or not say or do) cause me to feel rejected?
  • Do I find myself always struggling with “please listen to me, I am important too”?
  • Am I uncomfortable with where God has me right now, when I ‘want’ something different?
  • What IS my real perception of myself (on the inside, when no one is around)?
  • Does that perception line up with how others see you? What do their reactions/words tell me about who I am?
  • Have I absolutely taken the words spoken over me and run with them, or have I totally laid them on the altar before the Lord, seeking His guidance, His direction, His vision, His plan?

I have been walking with the Lord for a very long time. I have been serving Him for a very long time. Yet, I needed DEEP inner healing and a release I did not even realize I had need of! If you would have asked me a week and a half ago if I was completely free in the Lord, I would of answered quickly and emphatically, “YES!” – but, I would have been very wrong. We are always being stretched, shaped, molded into His image; however, sometimes we resist Him – not knowingly, but resisting still the same. That is where I was . . . I pray that I will not be there any more!

Abba Father, my love for You continues to grow more and more each and every day, and my heart overflows with gratitude to You for all You have done, are doing and will continue to do in my life. Help me, Holy Spirit, to remain pliable on Your Potter’s wheel . . . like the song you gave me yesterday, “I bow before Your Throne, Jesus, I trust in You, alone, Jesus – I lay my life on Your Altar, have Your way in me, Jesus . . . ”  I bless you, my God! Lover of my soul, King, Savior, Lord . . . amen

 Dear ones, we NEED to be able to see ourselves as God sees us. We NEED to understand that what He says about us is Truth and what others may have spoken over us/ into us throughout our lifetimes may have caused deep damage that He desires to heal.

worship in dance

image from

It is my prayer that you, too, will find your healing.

© klh 4-Given Ministries


7 Years of Ministry & Marriage

Published May 14, 2016 by birdieklh

Mariah & Mommy

What a joy, what a delight, Mariah got to join us in our big celebration of 7 years in Ministry & Marriage . . . my hubby and I renewed our vows (again!) but this time I had the blessing of a beautiful wedding gown from David’s Bridal.

We decided to renew our vows for numerous reasons :


  1. It was 7 years – completion
  2. It is the year of jubilee – all things restored
  3. I had lost enough weight to fit into a REAL bridal gown (previously a lacy mother of the bride dress)
  4. We had purchased new matching rings (another side effect of the weight loss – the others were too small even for my pinky anymore!)
  5. We wanted Mariah to be a part of our ceremony
  6. We wanted to celebrate in one of our FAVORITE places – SA Tabernacle House of Prayer – we are so blessed to be a part of the ministry that goes on there – it is in a beautiful old Methodist church with vaulted ceilings, beautiful stained glass & the atmosphere is CHARGED with Holy Spirit’s Presence due to the constant worship and ministry that goes on in that building!

I could go on and on . . . but . . . mostly I am grateful to the Lord for granting me my heart’s desire. I was praying for a new partner in ministry (Rev. Deb Gonser went Home to be with the Lord one year prior) for a year and low and behold, I got one . . . but . . . in the form of a husband to love, cherish, protect and co-labor in the Kingdom with! It is glorious!

The words of the song, “The More I Seek You” come into my spirit . . . it is SO true . . . as we decide to put ourselves in the Palm of the Master’s Hand, seeking His face, His will, His direction; delighting ourselves in Him . . . ah, the love and gifts He pours out to us are better than we could ever have imagined!

©klh 4-Given Ministries

When The Enemy Almost Wins…

Published August 21, 2015 by birdieklh

archangel MichaelWe HAVE all of Heaven on our side!

We need only reach out to God from our heart, crying out for His intervention, His mercy, His grace . . . and He IS Faithful!!!

Something awful hit way too close to home – a matter of life and death – but thanks to His FAITHFULNESS (and the prayers of many around the world) – life . . . WON! Thank You, Jesus!

Dear ones, it is too easy to throw up our hands and scream “No more!” or “I quit!” or “I can’t go on another minute!” Our Loving Lord is as near as the whisper of His Name (closer, actually, as He knows our thoughts before we speak) – when things seem to close in around us, reach out – get the prayers going – it truly IS the answer!

I am rejoicing in my Lord’s Goodness in my life today – won’t you join me? Glory to His Awesome, Powerful Name!!!

Thank You, Lord for surrounding my family with Your mighty warring angels of protection!!! I give You ALL praise, my Lord, thank You, thank YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

©klh 4Given Ministries


Total Honesty . . . It’s Been a Battle

Published June 8, 2015 by birdieklh

Let me start out this blog with a huge


Spiritual Warfare from pintrest

Spiritual Warfare from pintrest

I am going to be completely honest with you, my dear readers, and let you know that I need to go back and re-read my own postings on Spiritual warfare!

Me . . . the one who so adamantly proclaims victory every day by standing firm on The Word and using our spiritual weapons . . . plain and simple, dear ones, I forgot my own words . . . I allowed the enemy to sneak in and start bombarding me without my recognizing that it was him . . . I put faces onto the attacks . . . COMPLETELY forgot that he was the one behind things . . . talk about a dumb move on my part!

But . . .  I will not beat myself up over this. I am ever grateful for a strong Christian support base…people who love me enough to speak these reminders back into my life.

There are still ugly words.

There are still horrible actions.

There are still brick walls I’m banging my head against.

B U T – I – KNOW

that the battle is the Lord’s and not mine . . . that the victory IS mine because He already overcame ALL the wiles of the evil one over my life on my behalf! I need only stand firm and see His power in action. Thank You, Jesus!!!

Abba Father, forgive me for not having my spiritual eyes open which allowed me to be blind-sided by the enemy! Thank You for placing Your mighty warriors around me, protecting me from even greater harm, and for speaking Truth in love into my life. Thank You for Your guidance, discernment and peace, sweet Holy Spirit. I am ever so grateful for You! Jesus, bless You for all You have done to win the victory for me already and for leaving Your Word as a reminder of how to walk this walk of faith and victory. amen and amen

(c) klh 4Given Ministries


Back in My Birth State . . .

Published May 18, 2015 by birdieklh

calif welcome signHome to help my folks for a while. Mom had heart surgery, is slowly beginning to regain some strength, but it may be a long road ahead.

It is a very bittersweet time, having to make due with calls, texts, emails and Skype with my beloved Francisco Frank May 2015

S I G H !

But it is WONDERFUL to be with my sweet Mother . . . it is difficult to see her frail, but that does come with age and illness . . . and we KNOW that God is in control of all things and He is guiding us through this time as well.

Isn’t it just incredibly awesome that we can rest in the mighty loving arms of our Lord for all things?! I honestly do not know how people make it through situations without Him as the core of their existence!

Right now, I am praising Him for not only allowing my Mother to live, but that He made the way for me to come and be with her for a bit!


Sometimes There Are No Words

Published May 8, 2015 by birdieklh


Spending her 54th birthday in Heaven with our loving Lord Jesus . . . her precious granddaughter, Dixie Layne

Dixie Layne

Dixie Layne

and others whom she loved that have now joined her there.

We miss that radiant smile, but on this, her birthday, we miss her more than there are words to express.



Abba Father, I KNOW that Deb is Home with You, singing with You, perhaps even shooting a few basketball hoops with you . . . fishing, for sure . . . having a joyous time in Your loving presence . . . give her a hug from me . . . thank You, Lord, that she is free from the sicknesses that caused her so much pain and grief. I do praise You for that! Thank You for being with her family today as they remember her.




Songs of Joy in Times of Sorrow

Published February 10, 2015 by birdieklh

Music backgroundYesterday I learned that a very special lady was on life support, but the brain activity had gone completely. They took her off of it today and she went Home to be with the Lord a little after noon. She is joining her husband who went before her just a short time ago, but has left behind two beautiful grown daughters and numerous loved ones (friends included) who are both rejoicing at her freedom from the bondage of her illness-ridden body, but mourn the emptiness of her gregarious personality.

In times of sorrow God’s word promises that The Comforter (Holy Spirit) is ever present, and over and over again we are directed to turn our sorrow into praise, our mourning into dancing. However, at times like these, it is often difficult to break out into songs of worship, let alone put on dancing shoes; but -God is still God, still worthy of our worship AND worthy of our gratitude for allowing us to be blessed with the presence of the loved one in our lives for the time we had her.

Every one of us have (or will) face the passing of one so dear to our hearts. A parent, a grandparent, a friend, a spouse, a sibling, a child. That is the course of life. We are born, we live, and we die. But, be of good cheer, for Jesus Christ HAS overcome even death, hell and the grave, and those of us who have accepted Him as Lord of our lives WILL live on in spirit with Him until that time when we receive our new heavenly bodies and are like Him – GLORY!

If thinking about that isn’t something to sing songs of joy about, I sure don’t know what is!

So, today, my dear sister, Anna, I wave these flags2015-02-09 16.24.27 in praise, honor and worship to our King (in Who’s presence you now are – you are blessed) thanking Him for the gift of you – thank you for your joy – thank you for your humor – thank you for your friendship – until we meet again, I will honor God and thank Him for taking you Home, now free from pain and suffering!

My prayers are with the family, for peace, for comfort, for strength and for the JOY OF THE LORD to overwhelm them during this time of transition! Love you all so much….

(c) klh 4Given Ministries

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