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Moments in Time

Published February 15, 2017 by birdieklh

Sometimes we seem to reflect upon certain moments in our life that we can quickly find ourselves ‘trapped’ in that time!

As much as we desire to get on with our lives, there always seems to be something way back in the past that has such a hold on us that we cannot seem to free ourselves and move on.

I truly believe that most of the time we are not even aware of those moments that have had enormous effects on the way we ‘see’ ourselves, and/or that can actually trigger responses in us as we face things that are in front of us now.

Are YOU trapped in a moment?

Do you find yourself responding to people or situations in a way that you find yourself questioning, Why in the world did that hit me the way it did?” or “Why did I respond that way?” or “Where in the world did that feeling come from?!”

Dear ones, when we have had trauma in our lives (even as far back as early childhood) and it has not truly been dealt with, it can – and does – trigger responses and reactions. Sometimes we’ve stuffed our experiences down so deeply inside that we don’t even recall them ourselves, yet something comes up and the trigger response is blown out of proportion!

If I find myself reacting to certain things, I have learned to ask the Lord to reveal to me the source within me that is allowing those words/thoughts/feelings to surface. Then, when He does, I repent (if its something I’ve caused) and ask Him to remove the hurt, allowing Him to bring forth the healing I need from that particular situation. Sometime it takes our reaching out to others as well, for added guidance – I strongly suggest a good Biblical counselor/mentor. To KNOW that the Lord desires us to walk in complete freedom from our past is a good place to start! Then, as you allow Holy Spirit to do His work in your heart, don’t allow the evil one to bring it back! If you find yourself starting to think about what someone said or did . . . stop it immediately . . . take that thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:5)! Then, change your focus (Isaiah 43:18 & Philippians 4:8)!

Another thing that really helps me accomplish this task is to declare God’s word (usually the opposite of what I’m thinking/feeling). Here are some examples:

1 – I “feel” SO unloved . . . I will focus on God’s love for me!

2 – I “feel” like I’m unaccepted or rejected . . . I will focus on the fact that God chose me!

3 – When my body is throwing symptoms of an illness . . . I focus on what Christ did already for my healing!

There are many, many scriptures that can change our heart/mind attitude, if we but ask Him to show us, He is faithful. Treasure what He speaks into your heart – dwell in His presence, communicating with Him every little detail – allow His complete and total healing to pour over every area of your life. We all need healing in one area or another (or some of us in MANY areas) . . . He is waiting for you to come to Him . . . He is ready to love you through to victory!

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Overwhelmed by Grace

Published August 1, 2016 by birdieklh

This song TRULY expresses my own heart these days . . . If you’ve been following my other blog (Daring to Make a Difference) you already are aware of the fact that recently the Lord has given me a huge push (kick in the pants) to step out and start sharing publicly a deep dark secret I’ve held for 43 years and 5 month now. . .I fought Him, like I’m known to do from time to time when He wants me out of my ‘comfort zone’, but as He lovingly continues to prompt me, I relent; I surrender; I submit and start going forth with that which He is leading me to do.

It is NOT an easy thing to do after that many years of secrecy to start sharing with a few people, let alone with the world, but I know (from past experience) that as I do step out in obedience to His call, His GRACE IS there all the way, and that glorious grace is overwhelming!

So, casting down every vain imagination, (2 Corinthians 10:5); resting in Him FULLY (Psalm 91); trusting in Him (Proverbs 3:5-6), I put one foot in front of the other and began this new phase of my journey.

I KNOW beyond any shadow of any doubt that He always provides everything that is needed when you are in the center of His will. Even when we do not see, cannot even begin to imagine where the path will eventually lead, even when the enemy tries to throw doubts and lies your way that you are ‘not up to the task’!  I CHOOSE to be obedient to His call. (see 1 Samuel 3)!

And, now, as I have walked through several doors of opportunity – sharing my story – the GRACE, the LOVE, the response of others has been incredible. The words He is having me speak are truly helping to reach out to the hearts and lives of others for their own healing and it is overwhelming.

There is a local radio station here in San Antonio, KDRY 1100 AM that airs a segment every Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm called  “Urban Missionaries”. I will be sharing my own personal journey as well as the legal aspects of the issues and what is being done to educate people in this matter AND numerous areas of resources to help others who have (or are) experiencing the same as I – hiding a deep dark secret. You see, as we hide things deep inside, they grow/fester and cause all kinds of side effects that we do not even think have anything to do with it – I sure didn’t!

Another thing I have done is create a special page on our website with resource links and testimonies. My own journey will be posted soon as well, and I am praying for the funds to upgrade the website so that I can actually post the audio from the various broadcasts that I’m doing.

I pray that as you face whatever you find yourself facing today – whether current issues or something that is haunting you from your own past – that you can realize, accept and KNOW that His GRACE IS SUFFICIENT . . . in fact it is absolutely overwhelming (in the best possible way)!

©klh 4-Given Ministries


Published October 2, 2015 by birdieklh
image from

image from

When is being overwhelmed a GOOD thing?

When you are overwhelmed by God!

By His grace –

By His mercy –

By His forgiveness –

By His liberating freedom –

By His deliverance –

By His provision –

By His protection –

By His presence –

By His compassion –

By His LOVE!!!

Becoming completely lost in Him – being totally overwhelmed by Him – there are NO WORDS to express the feeling of safety, security, comfort, joy, warmth of love! I am not only overwhelmed by You, I am lost IN You!

Thank You, Abba Father, for overwhelming me with YOU!

© klh 4-Given Ministries

Back in My Birth State . . .

Published May 18, 2015 by birdieklh

calif welcome signHome to help my folks for a while. Mom had heart surgery, is slowly beginning to regain some strength, but it may be a long road ahead.

It is a very bittersweet time, having to make due with calls, texts, emails and Skype with my beloved Francisco Frank May 2015

S I G H !

But it is WONDERFUL to be with my sweet Mother . . . it is difficult to see her frail, but that does come with age and illness . . . and we KNOW that God is in control of all things and He is guiding us through this time as well.

Isn’t it just incredibly awesome that we can rest in the mighty loving arms of our Lord for all things?! I honestly do not know how people make it through situations without Him as the core of their existence!

Right now, I am praising Him for not only allowing my Mother to live, but that He made the way for me to come and be with her for a bit!

Songs of Joy in Times of Sorrow

Published February 10, 2015 by birdieklh

Music backgroundYesterday I learned that a very special lady was on life support, but the brain activity had gone completely. They took her off of it today and she went Home to be with the Lord a little after noon. She is joining her husband who went before her just a short time ago, but has left behind two beautiful grown daughters and numerous loved ones (friends included) who are both rejoicing at her freedom from the bondage of her illness-ridden body, but mourn the emptiness of her gregarious personality.

In times of sorrow God’s word promises that The Comforter (Holy Spirit) is ever present, and over and over again we are directed to turn our sorrow into praise, our mourning into dancing. However, at times like these, it is often difficult to break out into songs of worship, let alone put on dancing shoes; but -God is still God, still worthy of our worship AND worthy of our gratitude for allowing us to be blessed with the presence of the loved one in our lives for the time we had her.

Every one of us have (or will) face the passing of one so dear to our hearts. A parent, a grandparent, a friend, a spouse, a sibling, a child. That is the course of life. We are born, we live, and we die. But, be of good cheer, for Jesus Christ HAS overcome even death, hell and the grave, and those of us who have accepted Him as Lord of our lives WILL live on in spirit with Him until that time when we receive our new heavenly bodies and are like Him – GLORY!

If thinking about that isn’t something to sing songs of joy about, I sure don’t know what is!

So, today, my dear sister, Anna, I wave these flags2015-02-09 16.24.27 in praise, honor and worship to our King (in Who’s presence you now are – you are blessed) thanking Him for the gift of you – thank you for your joy – thank you for your humor – thank you for your friendship – until we meet again, I will honor God and thank Him for taking you Home, now free from pain and suffering!

My prayers are with the family, for peace, for comfort, for strength and for the JOY OF THE LORD to overwhelm them during this time of transition! Love you all so much….

(c) klh 4Given Ministries

When Emptiness Prevails

Published September 12, 2014 by birdieklh

It seems like “losses” almost always come in threes.

Within the past few weeks I have personally experienced the loss of three very special people in my life. A friend, Mike H., my spiritual ‘Pa’, Aubrey D. and my brother-in-law, Leonard G..

They were all wonderful men who loved the Lord, so there is hope eternal of our being reunited once more, and for that I rejoice. I also rejoice over the fact that they are all now free from pain, able to stand strong, run, dance, leap, whatever they now choose to do as they spend time with their Savior and Abba Father.

Yet . . . there is an emptiness that prevails within the hearts of those closest to them. It is the way God created us – we grieve for the loss of their physical presence – we ache for their touch – we desire to be able to hear their voice just one more time.

There are times that will come over them where they may feel they will be unable to bear one more moment of the pain within their hearts, but they will. That is the way God planned for us – He loves us SO much – He never gives us MORE than we can truly handle. He knows what we can bear – and – He is there to lift that burden from us.

image from

image from

Throughout my life, as I am sure it has been with many of my readers, I have suffered losses . . . hopes, dreams, jobs, financial losses, business losses, but the hardest of all was the loss of loved ones. There were absolutely times when I found myself so overcome with the fact that they were really ‘gone’ that I collapsed under the anguish. The tears, no SOBS, seemed to have no end whatsoever . . . but, they did cease. The days continued to turn into weeks; the weeks into months; the months into years. I survived, by God’s grace. Yes, I still have ‘moments’ when sadness overcomes me as I think of our times together, but I have learned to thank God for those precious times together, cherish the good memories, let go of any of the negative memories and trusting Abba Father to heal the pain of that loss.

It is not an easy process, but it does become second nature over the years that I have put that into practice.

Right now, my heart is heavy for my loved ones who lost their husband, dad, grandpa, great-grandfather . . . I know and understand the pain they are going through and that is what has had me on my knees . . . praying for their strength and for God’s peace to permeate every ounce of their being as they face the times ahead.

I hate to say, “all I can do is pray”, as that is the MOST important thing anyone can do, but I do long to be able to be there for each one of them – wrap my arms around them – love them through this – assuring them that they will be able to go on, however, distance keeps me in one place, them in another. I am loving them through from a distance . . . trusting God to send others to wrap their arms around them and to be there for them in the flesh to help bring His love and comfort to them.

What can we do, ourselves, when these times come? We know they will. Life and death – it is what it is. We all experience it. For me, it is crawling up on Daddy’s lap –

image from

image from

letting Him hold me in His loving arms . . . let the tears flow . . . let Him heal and help me to go on in His strength.

In Him, there is peace. In Him, there is comfort. In Him, there is hope. In Him, there is strength for each moment. In Him, there is safety.

(c) klh 4Given Ministry

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