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Perfectly Fitted Together

Published August 19, 2017 by birdieklh

God has a plan and a purpose behind every word He allowed to be penned . . . an illustration for us to gasp a hold of . . . to meditate upon . . . to allow to sink deep down inside of our spirit and to change the way we think, act and treat one another in our Christian lives!

Dovetail Stone Work

image from slide share

Let us take a deeper look into the this passage mentioned in the photo, and specific emphasis on phrases within. This is a message to us ALL. We are the brethren! There is to be NO division between us – NONE.

See that “DOVETAIL” work there? Have you ever realized the STRENGTH behind that kind of fitted together?! It is the Greek word, Strong’s # 2675 katartizó translated “perfectly joined together” which, in depth, means  – like shown in this illustration – a detailed, “properly adjusted, exactly fit to work together, adjusted exactly ‘down’ to fully function!” (just a partial snip-it from the full definition).

Dear ones, we are to be one in Christ Jesus! We are to be LIKE MINDED!  God is calling us forth to become new wine skins He can use to hold and pour forth the New Wine He is getting ready to pour out upon this world for His Divine purposes . . . but He can only do it with those that are ready to walk TOGETHER in ONENESS of heart and mind. Those who are willing to put down their prejudices, pride, wants, desires, their “me, me, me” attitudes, and allow God to fit us together as He desires and function together as He sees fit!

There is a song, often used at weddings, but most appropriate for this message as well. I would like to share some of the words here:

Make us one, make us one
Make us one, undivided body
Make us one, make us one
For the sake of Your name make us one

Make us love, make us love
Make us love so the world will know we love You
Make us love, make us love
For the sake of Your name make us love

Read more: Twila Paris – Make Us One Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Click to view the YouTube Video 

Abba Father, open our ears to HEAR, open our spirit eyes to SEE, open our HEARTS to fully grasp and understand what You are getting ready to do . . . what You are asking us to lay down at this time in our lives and HOW to fully embrace one another in Your love and go forth as ONE with You and become the Bride You have asked us to be – ready to BE what You desire us to be for Your Kingdom, in Jesus Name, amen!!!

© klh 4-Given Ministries


“One Who Knows The Heart”

Published July 10, 2017 by birdieklh

The Greek Word is (Strong’s # 2589) pronounced “kardiognostes” (notice how similar this word is to our ‘heart doctors’ today? Cardiologist? hmmm) . . . and it is the word used in Acts 15:8 Peter was speaking to the Jerusalem Council in regards to their belief that the gentile believers should be circumcised.

He went on to share how greatly God had moved among these gentile believers, how the Almighty God had made absolutely NO distinction, NO difference whatsoever between them simply because of their NOT being of Jewish heritage . . . ONLY based upon their FAITH and acceptance of Jesus Christ!


Do you realize that WE still tend to be like that council in Jerusalem today? Yes, us! We walk in judgment of those we see that perhaps do not ‘look’ like us. Or that do not go to churches like we do, worship like we do.

Let me tell you of some amazing, eye-opening things that the Lord has been doing here in San Antonio (and around the world) that have caused me to truly become one who has been crying out to the Lord to give me eyes to see others hearts as He does . . . I truly want to be “one who sees and knows the hearts of others!”

I have seen people young, old and everywhere in between dancing, singing, weeping, pouring out their hearts before the Lord, praying for others, ministering to others – regardless of the color of their skin, the way they were dressed, or the condition of their health . . . they just LOVED on them!!! Whether their style of worship was rap, rock, gospel, a banjo, drums, an iPad playing, a keyboard, tambourine, old-style hymns, new free-flowing spirit songs from their hearts to the Lord – it mattered not – it was all done to the Glory of their Lord and Savior – TRUE WORSHIP!

Souls brought into the Kingdom of God . . .

Holy Spirit showed up MIGHTILY . . .

People set FREE from addictions, bondage’s, fears that had held them for years . . .

People from all backgrounds standing side by side, worshiping the Lord in UNITY!

Dear ones . . . it is happening NOW! And it will continue to grow as we continue to individually seek the face of God, as we continually get in the Word ourselves, seeking His Heart of LOVE and then begin with His eyes to SEE into the hearts of others and truly love others as He intended us to do!

Yesterday I heard a young man (18) rap of his struggle and his total dependence upon God for ALL things . . . it filled my spirit to overflowing . . . my eyes are filling even now at the remembrance of it – we (plural) ARE the Bride of Christ and ONLY when we are in full UNITY can we along with the Holy Spirit say “Come Lord Jesus, Come” . . . . Revelation 22:17


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Moments in Time

Published February 15, 2017 by birdieklh

Sometimes we seem to reflect upon certain moments in our life that we can quickly find ourselves ‘trapped’ in that time!

As much as we desire to get on with our lives, there always seems to be something way back in the past that has such a hold on us that we cannot seem to free ourselves and move on.

I truly believe that most of the time we are not even aware of those moments that have had enormous effects on the way we ‘see’ ourselves, and/or that can actually trigger responses in us as we face things that are in front of us now.

Are YOU trapped in a moment?

Do you find yourself responding to people or situations in a way that you find yourself questioning, Why in the world did that hit me the way it did?” or “Why did I respond that way?” or “Where in the world did that feeling come from?!”

Dear ones, when we have had trauma in our lives (even as far back as early childhood) and it has not truly been dealt with, it can – and does – trigger responses and reactions. Sometimes we’ve stuffed our experiences down so deeply inside that we don’t even recall them ourselves, yet something comes up and the trigger response is blown out of proportion!

If I find myself reacting to certain things, I have learned to ask the Lord to reveal to me the source within me that is allowing those words/thoughts/feelings to surface. Then, when He does, I repent (if its something I’ve caused) and ask Him to remove the hurt, allowing Him to bring forth the healing I need from that particular situation. Sometime it takes our reaching out to others as well, for added guidance – I strongly suggest a good Biblical counselor/mentor. To KNOW that the Lord desires us to walk in complete freedom from our past is a good place to start! Then, as you allow Holy Spirit to do His work in your heart, don’t allow the evil one to bring it back! If you find yourself starting to think about what someone said or did . . . stop it immediately . . . take that thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:5)! Then, change your focus (Isaiah 43:18 & Philippians 4:8)!

Another thing that really helps me accomplish this task is to declare God’s word (usually the opposite of what I’m thinking/feeling). Here are some examples:

1 – I “feel” SO unloved . . . I will focus on God’s love for me!

2 – I “feel” like I’m unaccepted or rejected . . . I will focus on the fact that God chose me!

3 – When my body is throwing symptoms of an illness . . . I focus on what Christ did already for my healing!

There are many, many scriptures that can change our heart/mind attitude, if we but ask Him to show us, He is faithful. Treasure what He speaks into your heart – dwell in His presence, communicating with Him every little detail – allow His complete and total healing to pour over every area of your life. We all need healing in one area or another (or some of us in MANY areas) . . . He is waiting for you to come to Him . . . He is ready to love you through to victory!

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Published October 2, 2015 by birdieklh
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When is being overwhelmed a GOOD thing?

When you are overwhelmed by God!

By His grace –

By His mercy –

By His forgiveness –

By His liberating freedom –

By His deliverance –

By His provision –

By His protection –

By His presence –

By His compassion –

By His LOVE!!!

Becoming completely lost in Him – being totally overwhelmed by Him – there are NO WORDS to express the feeling of safety, security, comfort, joy, warmth of love! I am not only overwhelmed by You, I am lost IN You!

Thank You, Abba Father, for overwhelming me with YOU!

© klh 4-Given Ministries

Oh, America, America, My Beloved Homeland

Published July 4, 2015 by birdieklh
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It is usually with grateful heart, an attitude of joyous celebration and with exuberant pride in my country that I awaken on the morning of the 4th of July. However, quite sadly, this day has been one of great weeping.

I love the country of my birth. I love ALL that it has stood for. I love the principles that it was founded upon – “One Nation UNDER God” – but, alas, I find myself on my face today before that very God – Jehovah Tsidkenu (God, Our Saving Justice – Righteous and Just) – crying out for mercy over this land that has always held my heart.

Friendships, prayer partnerships, have developed over the years from all over the globe, thanks to the internet, and for that I am very grateful to God. In many discussions with these that the Lord has placed around my sphere of contact my underlying thought has always been, “I’m SO blessed to be an American!” We still have freedom! We can still worship our Lord God freely! We can still pray publicly! We  can still have our Bibles! We can still speak of His love with others! We are allowed to minister to those in jails, prisons, hospitals, etc! . . . but, now? Will these freedoms still last? Will they still hold true?

Our beloved forefathers left everything to seek out this land we call America, our home. A place where they could freely serve and worship the Lord. A land where Biblical principles were woven into the very fabric of our governmental society – papers were drawn up, signed, declared publically over our nation – all based upon God’s Word. Many, many lives have been lost; many, many bodies maimed beyond repair; all to continue the fight to keep our nation the mighty nation that God rose it up to be.

Why was our nation so mighty? So looked up to? So successful? Because it was a country / nation that set God’s Word as the basis for its principles, its governing law. The things we set out to do were God honoring, God fearing.

I love our flag – when I look at it I think of the following (this is my personal view):

  • The red stripes – remind me of the blood that Jesus shed for us to be free from the bondages of the enemy (satan) AND the blood that countless men and women have shed for our nation to remain free
  • The white stripes – remind me of holiness, how we need to walk holy before God, bringing honor to Him in all things. It reminds me of my complete surrender to Him in every area of my life, for in Him is TOTAL freedom
  • The blue square – blue, “a color that prophetically has celestial and heavenly power” (referenced from The Prophet’s Dictionary by Paula A. Price, PH.D.) – reminds me that God is over this nation of mine – it is His power that protects us
  • The white stars – stars, in the Bible refer to angels, so when I look at the stars on our flag, set in the blue, it reminds me that the angelic hosts of heaven are looking over us, there for us at all times
  • Waving in the wind – reminds me that Holy Spirit is always present, blowing over us, upon us, with His guidance . . . if we but listen

≈            ≈            ≈            ≈            ≈

In my Scripture reading and meditation this morning, Acts 13:10, Paul spoke up boldly to a ‘wise man’ (associated with the proconsul of the day) these words – “and said, you master in every form of deception and recklessness, unscrupulousness, and wickedness, you son of the devil, you enemy of everything that is upright and good, making crooked the straight paths of the Lord and plotting against His saving purposes…” (Amplified Bible) – after reading this twice, I thought to myself, through flowing tears, ‘Oh, if only someone were bold enough to speak up to our leaders in this way!’

Then, the cross reference in Hosea 14:9b, which says, “Who is wise, that he may understand these things? Pruden, that he may know them? For the ways of the Lord are right and the [uncompromisingly] just shall walk in them, but transgressors shall stumble and fall in them.” (Amplified Bible) – I found myself once more crying out for my beloved America, ‘Lord raise up men and women who love You, fear You (hold in reverent awe) and desire to honor You with their lives. Raise them up and set them in places where they can truly help America become “One Nation UNDER God” once more!’

Abba Father, I am still grateful for my beloved America. I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that You are still in control of all things, and that You are, indeed, working behind the scenes to wake us up and help us arise and take our place as Your mighty bride – fully equipped to embrace and stand firm upon Your principles, not wavering. Lord, I can only cry out for Your mercy, grace and forgiveness over this land . . . as my heart is breaking today, I can only imagine what Yours must be feeling! God help us! and . . . God, may Your grace abound, Your mercy flow, Your Truth reign supreme . . . may your blessings once more be upon America, my beloved (earthly) homeland. amen 

©klh 4Given Ministries

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