How Does One Begin . . .

Published April 18, 2015 by birdieklh

My heart is bursting with brightness . . . even more brilliant than these flowers . . . so full to overflowing with gratitude to my God!Painted Background 259

There are no words to adequately express what is in my emotions as I sit here trying to put them down to share with others my thankfulness. No words.

But . . . I can tell you what has been happening . . . perhaps you will be able to understand somewhat and rejoice along with me.

This is the seventh year since my ministry partner, sister-in-Christ and precious friend went Home to be with Jesus (or, it will be on May 19th). During these past 7 years life has been very bittersweet. It was time for her to be free from her horrific suffering illnesses, but my heart felt as though it had been completely wrenched apart. I made the decision to take a year to seek God’s perfect will for my life.

Leaving the KingsHighway Refuge Center and Joseph’s Storehouse (ministry outreaches of 4-Given in Arkansas) in the care of another couple who were partnered with us, I set out on my seeking journey (they were to care for the physical ministry there while I kept up with the online ministry aspect from wherever I would be at).

I first went up to Illinois to visit my son, his family, and my husband who was in a nursing home (he is now Home with the Lord as well) to see if there was 1) a church I could feel a part of, 2) a nearby placement provision for our daughter who has special needs, and 3) job opportunities for myself. I found the first and third, but not the second.

From there I visited my family in southern California. I stayed there with them for two months and as my ‘home’ church was still there, the first issue was covered. There were several choices for Mariah’s

Mariah & Mom in the chapel Feb. 2015

Mariah & Mom in the chapel Feb. 2015

needs, that was good, but the cost of living out there was so very much more than I felt I could commit to, so I went back to Illinois – this time to the area across from St Louis. The reason for this was that when I would bring Deb (my ministry partner) up for her treatments we stayed with very dear friends (adopted Ma & Pa Duncan, who are also Home with the Lord now) and fellowshipped with an awesome church there – Alpha and Omega in Collinsville. The Duncan’s opened up their home to me for as long as I wanted and I was actually in the process of getting Mariah transferred up to a facility about an hour out of the area I was at when the Lord showed me that He had other plans for me.

Those other plans are another whole story in itself, much to much to place in today’s blog, so I will simply say, He brought me to Texas to marry Francisco and be a part of His plans for the San Antonio area . . . bringing His Kingdom as a reality in the lives of His precious bride – and THAT too is another story.

Back to the reason I am so overflowing with gratitude . . . during the ‘year’ sabbatical (which stretched into much, much longer) many things were taken from me; from 4Given. The refuge center, everything in it (pews, altar, pulpit, artwork, books, sound system, microphones, piano, organ, bass, misc. percussion instruments, tables, games, chairs, desks, books and shelves, and much more) plus I lost the domain name due to funds (couldn’t afford to renew it). When I did get the funds, the domain name was taken, no longer available . . . that is . . . until this past Tuesday! I had been checking periodically over the years and it just wasn’t available . . . in fact, I had checked on Sunday, and then on Tuesday I felt Holy Spirit prompting me to check again – it WAS available again, and it is back where it should have always remained. It will be back up and running soon. Praise God!

But . . . that is not the only reason I’m bursting with joy . . . on Sunday, my husband and I were praying earnestly, “Lord, if this is truly Your will for 4Given to be active once more in the music side of the ministry (the writings and counseling have never stopped) we are trusting You to provide the way for it to be so.” Well, dear ones, that was Sunday…by Monday evening…we had a brand new portable sound system on its way, completely paid for! Then on Tuesday the domain name came back to us! More doors are opening for ministry! We are now in awe at what God is doing!

So . . . I repeat my opening words . . . How DOES one begin? For me, it is with arms wide open, heart and face lifted up to the Heavens and with tears of joy and gratitude flowing, say



Painted Background 259
©klh 4Given Ministries


4 comments on “How Does One Begin . . .

  • As an integral part of “All things working for good” for my dear bride (I am Francisco), I too am without words to express the gratitude for God’s faithfulness and goodness in the life of my dearest Karin. Together, we have witnessed God’s faithfulness in not only meeting all of our needs, but of His abundant goodness in answering our prayers such as for this awesome sound system! I am so blessed to be married to one who so loves to sing the praises of our Lord. I am able to listen to this gift from God very often. She so gives of her soul and spirit when she sings, completely lost in His presence! Reminds me that is a good place to be… in His presence.

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  • We do have an AWESOME God, don’t we!!!!

    I have been reading your comments everyday for I guess a couple of years and appreciate your incite very much.

    I too have had a wonderful prayer answered. Without going into detail, I have a daughter who is full of the spirit and loves Jesus with all of her heart. She seeks his will and ways always. For whatever reason the Lord has me in less than perfect financial circumstances. It is time for college choices for my daughter and college can be quite expensive. I am divorced (not my choice) and the other side of the family is very wealthy and they use that wealth for power and control. I am sure you know the type.

    I have prayed with a patient heart for years that my daughter not fall under the control and influence of the money from the other side. My Father answered with a full scholarship to a major University, including tuition, room/board, books, fees, everything.

    My daughter is FREE and can not be touched by what I will rightly call evil. I could tell you the stories but that is pointless right now. Whether I be poor or rich I will praise the Lord and be thankful for all the gifts I have received and shall receive.

    We do have an AWESOME God Indeed


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