What is the Difference?

Published March 12, 2015 by birdieklh

       ←     VS.     →koran

Reading through the Old Testament, especially the early ‘laws’, ‘rules’, ‘decrees’ and ‘regulations’, it dawned on me that there were an awful lot of times when God spoke about ‘putting to death’ those who have stepped outside of God’s law in rebellion. Okay, so I’ve read that many times before, but for some reason, TODAY it dawned on me that people who are studying the other book instead of the Bible, have the same types of words . . . I personally have not read it, but have known others who have and that is enough for me (unless God asks me to do so) . . . anyway, saying all that to say this . . . the difference between the two is this:

Because of Jesus Christ & calvary



If we did not have Jesus Christ and His FINISHED work on Calvary, we, too, might also have some who are zealous and take things into their own hands and follow the ‘murderous’ acts “in the name of God” . . . but the thing is . . . WE DO have Jesus!!! Jesus,Almighty God in the flesh . . . He loved us and came and gave Himself for us so that we can live in His grace instead of the path of sin that does lead us to death – eternal death (and if we were under law, physical death as well.

Thank You, Loving Abba Father, for making the way for us to get out from under the law which we could never, in ourselves, walk fully in! Thank You, Jesus, for showing us how to live and walk in Your love through the example of Your life, death and resurrection! Thank You, Holy Spirit, for being with us always, for teaching us and making The Word come alive inside of us – Lord, God, we ask You to soften the hearts of others who have been studying things that are still bound up in law . . . open their eyes to see the truth of Who You ARE . . . a loving God! Help us to remember that Jesus came and died for them too, and to pray for them to come to know You and leave their lives of hate and start walking in the love You have for them, in Jesus Name, amen.

© klh 4Given Ministries

One comment on “What is the Difference?

  • There’s a couple of big differences which need to be pointed out here in this comparison. Those pagans which God called to be killed had committed “abominable acts”. Isreal were acting as God’s agents of retribution against these abominable acts. What justification do followers of the Koran give for their murdering of innocent Christians; indeed,by their own admission it is anybody who will not convert to their beliefs. Their goal is global subjugation for its own sake.


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