Ready – Aim – FIRE!

Published September 17, 2014 by birdieklh
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Just as David was with Goliath, we need to be prepared to take down the spiritual enemies of our souls . . .

How did David do such a thing, slaying that giant while he was but a lad himself? By . . .


He was prepared because of his relationship with God – he was a WORSHIPER – he had communication going through that worship all the time. He KNEW God – knew of His provision and strength. He KNEW that there was nothing that he could not do with God’s help. God had helped him kill a bear and a lion as he tended his father’s flocks. He knew he would be safe to approach the enemy of God because he KNEW God’s mighty and powerful provision through the established relationship he had with Him.

Because God had shown Himself mighty to David on other occasions, he simply KNEW he could completely depend upon God to come through in this giant of a situation (no pun intended) standing in front of him.

Our own giants seem overwhelming yet, like David, as we cultivate a heart of worship to our God; as we nurture and grow a more intimate relationship with Him, we will receive His strength (through Holy Spirit, Who dwells IN us) to accomplish all things!

So . . . we need to get ready . . . through worship/praise and study of The Word.

Then . . . we can take aim . . . once we know / understand what the enemy IS (depression, finances, habits, whatever is attacking you), through your time in prayer and study of Scripture, ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you the arrows you need to take aim . . . He will give you specific Scripture to use in the battle you are facing.

And . . . FIRE away . . . start using that Sword – proclaim those Scriptures over your situation!

Most importantly, by faith, KNOW who you are in Christ, and Who He IS in you . . . realize the power and authority He has given to you and be bold.

Remember, satan may use people in part of his attack against you, but you are NOT fighting them. This is a spiritual battle – we are making war against ‘principalities and power of the air’ (in other words, satan and his demons/followers). Ask the Lord to send His mighty warrior angels to assist in the battle – that is your right as a blood-bought, born-again, child of God. He is faithful . . . the battle is His and it is already won . . . we simply need to do our part . . . by FAITH and PREPARATION.

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