Moving Time

Published July 8, 2014 by birdieklh

boxesWe got boxes yesterday (praise God and thank you dear Neeley’s!) so we begin the packing process. We get to pick up the keys this afternoon, so we have a couple weeks to spread out our move, making it a smoother process (I hope). When it comes time to move the ‘big stuff’, we will have a moving company come and let them have the fun!moving2

So VERY excited. I have loved where we were at – the size/shape/layout and location of our current place is wonderful BUT we have been ‘flooded’ inside three times in our two years here. The last time was over 9 days in filth, hard to breathe, stench, before they cleaned it up. Of course, they did give us a wee bit of a discount on the next month’s rent, but come on now . . . we are STILL having respiratory problems from it! So . . . God has used this opportunity to allow us to move into a cottage directly across the street from our church. How incredible is that?!!!

Anyway, blogs might be a wee bit on the light side for the rest of this month . . . I promise to post when I can. God bless you all!

Karin (aka FOGwalker Birdie)


3 comments on “Moving Time

  • Congrats on your new move. I always enjoyed moving because it meant a wonderful adventure! I could always reinvent myself if I wanted to and no one would snicker or ask why I was doing something different. Love “House Hunters” and living in new dwellings, meeting new people and learning new aspects of life. Hope you will enjoy the move too. Blessings,


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