Our Unique Purpose

Published June 10, 2014 by birdieklh

The questions for the day are:

Where do I fit in?

What is my purpose?

What things do I do best?

If I were, say, a hammer – my best thing would be pounding things. But I could not do it alone.

If I were, perhaps, a wrench – my best things would be tightening and loosening. But am worthless on my own.

If I were a tractor, with all kinds of new and fancy levers, switches, blades and such, I could reap great harvests. But not by myself.

If I were a spoon, I could help people get nourishment, but like the above, I could NOT do it without someone else helping me.

See the pattern?

Every one of us has a purpose – a specific reason God allowed us to be planted where we are at for this specific season in life. He has gifted us with various talents and abilities. Some can teach, some are caregivers, some can sing, some are great planners; and so on. But NO one, on their own can carry out their purpose without others around to assist them in some way or another. That is why we need to learn, not only what things we do best (our gifts, our talents, our abilities), then find out WHERE we fit. This is not always easy.

from en.wikipedia.org

from en.wikipedia.org

Take a KEY for an example:

They may look similar, they may even appear to fit into the lock, but sometimes that is not enough – it has to be the RIGHT lock for the key to be able to open it up.

Many of us try to fit in here and there, because it is what we want. We push and prod our way into something that wasn’t the one that God had created us for. Oh, it might be something very much like what He has planned, yet it wasn’t THE one. We may go along for awhile, believing that everything will ‘mesh’ together, but underneath there is no peace. We may wonder what the problem is . . . we know we’re doing everything right . . . we have the talents, gifts, abilities for the right fit, but somehow it isn’t quite working. That is because maybe we forgot to as God to lead us to the place HE wants us to be?!

Maybe if I shared from my own life experience, it would better help us all to understand. You see (no bragging here, just sharing, please hear my heart), God has gifted me in many areas and I can easily wear numerous hats at once. I began helping a pastor and his wife as they were beginning a new ministry in the town where we lived. (This was close to 30 years ago.) Because I had the time, and the money, I was able to be ‘available’ almost daily for whatever was needed; cleaning, making calls, typing up bulletins, children’s church, singing, babysitting, physically helping to build the new church building, running errands, just about anything . . . willingly and excitedly because I was a part of something. I was trying to fit in. That ‘trying’ to fit in lasted about 13 years, then all of a sudden, it shattered. . . and, very painfully, it was gone.

Now – the Lord taught me MANY lessons throughout the years following, and I am forever grateful for the experiences I had there, but that isn’t the point I’m trying to make. This is . . . it was NOT the place where God created me for . . . it was not my destiny . . . He allowed it, for my growth, but it was not His plan.

Just because your gifting would be an awesome part of a specific ministry – do not, I repeat, do NOT make the decision to fit in with it UNLESS you KNOW that God is the One who lead you there! You may seem to ‘fit’ for a while, but if it is not what He had planned for you, it will not last, nor will you have His peace in your life.

Sometimes, because we’ve tried other things, we decide to go solo. To do it ourselves. That way there will be no conflicts – but we can’t. (Ouch, I hate to admit it, but I tried this, too.)  Just like a hammer needs someone to hold it to do the pounding; just like the wrench needs other tools and a human hand in order to work; just like the tractor who needs someone who knows and understands how to work all of the levers and switches, and someone to run it, someone to come afterwards and bundle up that which you’ve harvested, you can NOT do it alone. God did not create us like that. We NEED one another.

Now, in retrospect, I have realized that if my joy is gone or wavering, if my peace is all but vanished, that should be a sign to me that I am not where I am supposed to be.

The bottom line is simply this – when you are in God’s will . . . what He has planned for you, using the gifts, talents and abilities that He gave you, His blessings, His anointing, His peace, His favor is all over you and that place because it IS the perfect fit.

It is the reason for our purpose – our unique purpose – the one He created us for.


(c) klh 4-Given Ministries


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