Conflicting Messages All Around Us

Published April 16, 2014 by birdieklh

conflictingmessages All around us, every day. Billboards. Newspapers. Magazines. TV. We hear it; Radio, Internet, Podcasts. Conflicting messages. Each one telling us who we are supposed to be. Or leading us to believe who we are, what category we fit in. Society has different standards, different status levels, educational differences, monetary differences, skin color, body size, how we dress, how we walk, talk, what we drive, where we work. I could go on and on and on.

One minute we are hearing a report about how certain foods are healthy for us and how we should maintain a certain weight for our overall health; the next we are hearing something contrary. One article you read shows someone that is extremely obese, being ridiculed for things that MAY have been completely out of their control (to begin with) and then they simply gave up due to all of the struggle. Another article shows people that are nothing but skin and bones – that IS healthy? Where is the happy medium?

What about the rest of life? Why does there have to be so much pressure put on ‘things’, ‘status’? I mean, if your vehicle gets you where you need to go, what does it REALLY matter what it looks like? Come on now – isn’t putting food on the table and clothes for your children more important than driving the latest new fancy sports model car?

And clothes? Mercy! The fashions change like the wind blows. What is the fuss . . . if it is clean, comfortable, covers properly, what does it matter if it is 20 years old or 5 years old? Shouldn’t it be up to the individual person IN the clothes? Perhaps it is what they can afford. Or, perhaps they choose to use their money to help other people who are needier then they are – ever think about that?

Education – Some people hear their whole lives that they are “dumb”, “stupid”, and will “never amount to anything”. They start to believe it. Others when they hear that work even harder to prove people wrong about those statements. It is a hard uphill battle, but they press on. Some people work SO hard that they miss out on life altogether! What is the point in that? And beside that, how many people with multiple degrees behind their names are unemployed, now, in this economy? With huge school loans that have accumulated and nothing on the horizon to cover them. Not to mention the thousands of hard working men and women who have worked diligently all their lives and have gathered much work knowledge and experience, but due to lack of “a degree behind their name” are passed over for the high paying positions (even though they may be much more qualified than someone just out of school).

No wonder so many of us do not know WHO WE ARE! This is the world we live in. It is confusing. It is full of conflicting messages. There is no rhyme or reason to it whatsoever, no order. In reality, reality is non existent – in the world – however . . . in God’s Kingdom . . . openbible His Word tells us EXACTLY who He has made us to be. For those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ, His finished work on the cross of Calvary, and asked Him to be our Lord and Savior – We are:

His chosen – Ephesians 1:11

A gift to Him from Abba Father – John 17:24

Adopted into God’s Family – Ephesians 1:5

Joint Heirs with Jesus Christ – Romans 8:17

Forgiven, Pure & Holy – 1 John 1:9

Redeemed – Galatians 3:13

Clothed in Robes of Righteousness – Ephesians 4:24

Empowered by His Holy Spirit – Romans 15:13

We can face anything! – Philippians 4:13

His Ambassadors (we represent Him, we work for Him)- 2 Corinthians 5:20

We are important to God – even the very hairs on our head (or lack thereof) are numbered, the days of our lives are numbered, the thoughts we think are known to Him before we even speak them! It can’t get any better than that!

We are in Him. He is in us.

Imagine, if you will a bottle – empty bottle this represents you. Now let’s fill it with water. That will represent Jesus and His Holy Spirit. So now you have a filled bottle representing yourself filled with the Lord. Got it? Good.
Now, let’s imagine an ocean. ocean The ocean will represent God.
Now let’s imagine tossing that filled bottle INTO the ocean.

Okay – that is a picture of your identity. Christ is IN you, by His Holy Spirit, and you are IN Him. You are one together with Him for all eternity. Everything that He has is yours. You need never question again who you are, or why you are here. You are His. Your purpose is to bring others to know Him, to share with them what He has done for you. It is that simple.

He is not concerned about things that the world is concerned about! He looks at the heart . . . 1 Samuel 16:7. It is what is inside, how we love, how we relate to Him, and others. Are we obedient to His Word. Those are the things that are important to Him. His messages are NOT conflicting, not confusing. They do not bring torment, but bring hope, healing and restoration.

Living in God’s Kingdom, to me, is the ONLY way! Know who you are in Him and Who He IS in you! Be blessed!

(c) klh 4Given Ministries


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