One Agnostics View of Christianity

Published February 8, 2014 by birdieklh

(this is something which was posted in May of 2010, describing a conversation my husband had with one of his chess-mates).

We ARE being watched . . . what is your life saying?

My husband plays chess with people from around the globe, he shares his faith with those whom he is involved with in a tournament. The following is a direct quote of one response to my husband in regards to ‘Christians’. This man is NOT a believer; he firmly proclaims the title of ‘Agnostic’. This should be a wake-up call for all believers in Jesus Christ! Read it for yourselves:

“…there are far too many ‘Sunday Christians’, and the same holds true for other faiths. In many ways it is disappointing that Christianity is so much less a part of the life of its participants allegedly, than for example Hinduism, Islam or Buddhism which all – on the surface of it – have religion integrated truly with the life of the practitioner. In that sense the religion supports the life style. only a small number of Christians appear to have that sort of direct connection to their faith.

“I’m sure there are Sunday Islamists, and Sunday Buddhists but it doesn’t appear so to me…

“What concerns me is that – in an effort not to be a minority religion – Christianity subscribes the entire nation as Christian when the vast majority don’t actively practice it. In the UK of the 70m people only about 1% actively attend churches, a few more attend on high days and holidays (midnight masses and the like), and a few more still ascribe themselves that belief structure but do nothing to actively pursue the tenets of the faith. Are we truly therefore all Christian? Or are we ascribed that label because it helps organized churches maintain their political influences on temporal authority? I leave it to you to decide…” [‘Tony’, an agnostic from England, used with permission.]

Dear ones . . . my husband asked ‘Tony’ if we could use his observations for a posted devotion on Facebook, and he laughed and said “sure, why not?” The reason we wanted to use it is because he, unfortunately, speaks volumes of truth in these few paragraphs! We, those of us who call ourselves ‘Christians’, are being observed all the time by those who do not. In fact, many say “I want NO part of being a Christian if that is what they are like!” and that, too, is VERY sad. We need to either walk the talk, or stop talking!

(May 17, 2010 – posted on Facebook)


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